Review: Lady – s/t

The self-titled album of Lady the Band is a mixture of the 60’s Motown sound blended with R&B/soul, blues, pop, and jazz. Think soul and jazz similar to Stax. This album is also filled with pop flair of the 60’s. Their album has sweet sultry love songs with sense of pop flair such as Hold On, Tell The Truth, and Good Lovin. The album Lady was released on Truth & Soul Records in 2013. The band Lady is made up of Nicole Wray and Terri Walker.

Tell The Truth is the soulful opener of their album which has an old school 60’s Motown sound. The instrumentation of this song is backed by a barrage of loud lively pianos, soft drums, and loud horn section. Tell The Truth is a Nicole/Terri duo.

Nicole’s man makes her weary sometimes. She just can’t walk away while holding his hand.
Not like a mother but she is his lover. She’ll stay there right by his side. Nicole knows he always will, wipe away her only tears, hold her in the middle of the night, and kiss her there. Nicole knows he always will tell the truth. If he could tell really the truth, they would not be here now talking bout how they’ll pull through.

Nicole adds a bit of pop flair to the song in style and falsetto reminiscent of Michael Jackson with these lyrics.: I know he always will, kiss me there, uhm, that’s right

He pushed Nicole away just the other day. She had something on her mind. She was feeling alone as she was many miles away. He’ll never find someone like Nicole to love. No more giving. Nicole is taking because she had enough of him.

Money was the first single off of the 11 track album. Money was the most promoted song on the whole album since it was the first single. Money is, well, about money. The song is pretty much self-explanatory. People get funny when it comes to money. The sound and vibe is old school soul meets new school neo-soul. Money is a Nicole/Terri duo.

Nicole gets a little worried when her man focuses on her money. All the kissin’ and the huggin’ actin’ like he is her best buddy. He better not say it loud. Dippin’ around. Walking on eggshells with her money. Nicole may just buy herself a dress because she invests her money wisely. Stacking her pennies when things get stormy. She can’t wait to roll with to the bank. But she decides to hold out on going to the bank. She goes out on a date instead.

Terri tells her man to find himself a job and being lazy. Terri tells her man, “You think that I’m your momma. Now you just actin’ crazy. You better go find you a job. You better stop actin’ lazy.”

Nicole feels proud that she is an independent lady. Nicole may just buy herself a dress because she invests her money wisely. Stacking her pennies when things get stormy. She can’t wait to roll with to the bank. But she decides to hold out on going to the bank. She goes out on a date instead.

Hold On is about moving too fast in a relationship during love. The song is memorable for its catchy lyrics which go: “Hold on to your heart/Baby, slow down/You’re moving too fast”

Get Ready is a soulful bouncy tune that has a playful mood. Get Ready was the second single off the album. The song explains a shakedown and rumble which occurs in their town of New York City, New York. The music is in the blood of Nicole Wray and Terri Walker.

Oh there’s a shake down in Nicole’s town of New York City, New York. She said she cannot make it. She is unable to attend the rumble and shakedown. Nicole has come a long ways from faking it. It’s in her blood. They want to crucify her for being a believer. Sometimes she sees what they see. See they don’t believe but they gonna see that Nicole is ready. You look so surprised because she standing This is her destiny. It’s in her blood. There ain’t nobody like Nicole.

Karma is destiny or fate that happens to people, whether good or bad, following as effect from cause. You get what’s coming to you. The song follows a mid tempo beat over a loud horns selection.

There is no one who more deserves what’s coming to them than Terri’s man. Terri has seen all the outlandish, crazy, and stupid things her has done. Terri is a witness to all the bad things that he has done. He keeps walking around thinking karma could never happen to him. There is no one who more deserves what’s coming to them than her man. That is what the lyrics “Ain’t nobody worthier than you” bluntly and specifically refer to.

Her man keeps doing the same things over and over again as if he will never have to pay for things he has done. Her man keeps doing the same things over and over again as if he will never have any consequences or have to face any of the consequences of his actions committed. He better be ready because he is going to have to pay for his actions 3 times over. So maybe he deserves it. He might as well get ready to receive his just desserts.

Yet Terri’s man himself is quick to point the finger when there are 3 fingers pointing back at him. He is always first to judge. Oh but the guilty one is him. Terri knows and is well aware of the fact that she ain’t no saint. But she knows she ain’t as bad as he is. Terri asks her man this, “Don’t you think it’s time to change and maybe become a better you? I don’t really understand it Tell me why. Don’t you ever want to feel the sunshine?

Sweet Lady was an inspirational uplifting dedication towards their mothers type of song. Sweet Lady is a dedication song to their mothers. Sweet Lady is similar to an upbeat positive 60s Motown song. There is a lot of positivity in this song. Their mothers are really there for them in the end when no one has their back.

Please Don’t Do It Again is a sweet sultry love song about how their men are their best friends to the very end. The song is backed by a worldly whirly organ and a single rhythmic guitar. Please Don’t Do It Again is a Nicole/Terri duo.

Terri never worries when she is with her man as he keeps her safe. Nicole stands beside her man through ups and downs. Sunshine or rain. Nicole knows another woman has spent some nights beside him at hotels usually. And though it hurt when she first found out about it, he is all that matters to Nicole. He is her best friend and Nicole will be there to the very end. Nicole tells her man to not sleep with other women again by telling him, “Please don’t do it again.”

Terri knows her man will call her every Sunday out of each week. She’ll let him answer the phone. This is their routine.

Nicole tells her man to meet her at the movie theater and that they will be drinking at home. However her plans come to an abrupt halt when she saw her man kissing another woman on the sidewalk as she drove by. Nicole’s man betrayed her by dating some other woman. Although it hurts her heart to see him, there’s always other guys for her to be with.

She explains this in her lyrics in Verse 2.

I tell him to meet me at the movies
And we’ll be drinking at home
I saw, I saw you kissing on the sidewalk
As I drove by
Although it hurts my heart to see you
There’s always other guys

Good Lovin is a love song about how their men please them sexually by giving them good loving. The song has that gritty 70s Motown soul sound. Good Lovin is a Nicole/Terri duo.

Terri loves her man early in the morning. He knows how to do her right. In a sexual manner that is. He touches her there and there. He knows what she wants. He forgot about her past lover. No one can compare. There are reasons why she stays. Terri’s man makes her feel good. So she hangs around all day. Terri’s man gives her good lovin’. He makes Terri feel just like a woman. With him she knows she’ll be alright. He does not stop until it’s over. Hot steam is made all night as they make good love which is good lovin’.

Habit is a groovy 70s sounding song backed by a super twangy guitar. The song is about the habit of yearning into temptation. If only for a moment.

If You Wanna Be My Man is a soulful love song backed by a rhythmic set of bongos. If You Wanna Be My Man is good album closer music. And honestly this song should have been selected to be the closer of their album.

Waiting On You was the soulful closer of their album with a mixture of 60s and 70s soul. Loudness from the instrumentation is one thing in particular that stands out about this Lady song. The viola is what gives this song pure perfection. Waiting On You is also good album closer music.

Time is not on Nicole’s side. Nicole wonders where he man is. She think of memories just to ease her mind. Funny how time flies when he is back here with her. She is waiting on him. Nicole is so sad that she cannot kiss her man and not feel his physical contact. Someday they may meet far away from friends when nothing is in their way. Just them face to face. She knows for certain that she has his heart. Nicole never worries when they are apart.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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