Review: UnXpectedBeatz – UnXpected Package

Jersey based instrumental trio UnXpectedBeatz has just released their debut EP “UnXpected Package” on Bandcamp. They are extremely proud of this project and would really appreciate the support so if you wouldn’t mind taking some time to check it out it would mean a lot to all of them. The project is the first ever release under the genre ‘UXB’ which pulls influences from Hip-Hop, Drum n Bass, Electronic and Acoustic music. Their EP had reached #1 on Bout Dat Online’s ‘Top Trending Posts’ in 2022.

Their album is an instant 5/5* stars based on the beats and high quality production! That’s what drew me in. The influences from drums and bass is what also drove me into listening to their album. There are definitely some acoustics visible and present. That is how the acoustics have a visible presence. Feel the sense of their creative direction in the instrumentation.

South Swanson Street is one of the livelier horn driven tracks with a huge sense of brightness and vibrance. The instrumentation has vibrance. That lovely piano is just angelic and sublime to one’s ears. Those drill beats fit in perfectly to the melody and harmony. The song is quite similar to their song Ooh La La, the official theme song of Pro Wrestling’s true living legend Michael Houghton aka Mr. Ooh La La.

Walk The Line Of Life is a beat driven and piano driven instrumental song. The piano is what makes the song so sublime and calming. Now those chords and piano notes overlaps those beats playing in the background.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!

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