September 24, 2023

Mixed Emotionz was a hip hop/rap group that got lost in the slew of gangsta rap of the 90s. Mixed Emotionz uses the elements of hip hop, rap, and jazz on their self-titled demo album. You have the jazzy boom bap over hardcore lyricism. What’s different about this album is this album was not so hyper focused on gangsta rap as many hip hop/rap groups from Flint, Michigan were at that time.

Now these songs were recorded between 1994-1997 with a majority of the songs being recorded in 1996. The demo was produced by Moodswang. Their self-titled demo album has 8 songs. Some versions of this cassette differ. Some versions were written in black Sharpie marker.

Mixed Emotionz was D-Reck, ICE, D Wood, Moodswang, Mz. Nasty, and Teiko. D-Reck was a dope MC. ICE was a dope MC. So was Mz. Nasty. They often performed at the Merrill Talent Show at Merrill School (Merrill Elementary School). What motivated them was hip hop.

The Intro is filled with that wicked shit from that one and only Mixed Emotionz clique. That wickedness with many different styles and techniques. If that wicked shit don’t hit you, then this shit will. Mixed Emotionz with a scope of a view to kill. The song uses a crushed saxophone sample giving this intro a jazzy boom bap vibe mixed with lyrical rap.

U Ain’t Hustla is aimed at the pretenders and fakers trying to be something they are really not. The song calls them out for not being really hustlers. U ain’t hustla until you’ve got your hustle on. U Ain’t Hustla is quite eerie and haunting due to the whistles and due to the way which those keys are arranged with those musical notes. The song has that Thug Life vibe and sound. U Ain’t Hustla is one example of gangsta rap as this song was written from the hustler’s mindset.

ICE says, “U ain’t hustla until you’ve got your hustle on.” All of his lyrics were written from the perspective of a hustler’s mindset. Hustlers do whatever to earn money.

Mz. Nasty says if your money ain’t right, you ain’t tight. She’ll go up in a blaze if she has to. She’ll kill if she has to. Now she’s got you bobbin’ to this wicked azz kimistry. None of ya’ll hoes can get with Mz. Nasty. Marijuana keeps her high and blew back. I thought you knew that. Hardcore gangstas (g’s) roam the Flint streets at night. You can’t see her like a genie when she is doing driveby’s. She also robs people for their riches. Those drug fiends keep her rich.

ICE says, “U ain’t hustla until you’ve got your hustle on.” Those are the catchy lyrics and hook to this song. All of this was written from the hustler’s mindset.

Here is what the lyrics “I’ve got ya bobbin’ to this wicked azz kimistry” mean. “I’ve got ya bobbin’ to this wicked azz kimistry” is reference to the 1993 debut album by Variety of Sinz called Wicked AZZ Kimistry that was released on cassette.

Saturday Nights is about how Saturday nights go down in Flint, Michigan. Clubbing while engaging in social interaction is what ICE does in the song. Saturday Nights is an ICE solo which also the best song off the album. The high pitched eerie synths give off a gangsta rap vibe and the beats give away a boom bap sound. This song is the best solo song from ICE of all time.

The song takes place creeping though the commercial strip of Clio Road where several businesses are located. ICE is the space age pimp that has got your attention smoking on that Mary Jane. Peeping out the hoes on Clio Road. Hoes show him love at the strip club although they really want his money. ICE is the #1 nigga in the hood. DJ’s and big ballers got him tripping over the way they love his rap style. The Flint streets are hyped and crowded during Saturday nights. New ways and old tactics get a nigga laid. The fast life is what how he’s living.

He goes straight back to Clio Road after hitting the club and engaging in social interaction. Music by Freak Nasty is what’s on his mind. Mixed Emotionz is blowing up the spot that’s hot. They kick rhymes that are just like ICE’s. Life gets a bit better. He wishes he could become the #1 MC.

Wanna Be A G Like Me is one of the more gangsta rap tracks on the album filled with hyper masculinity and over the top lyrics. The song is similar to a song from The Dayton Family or Raw Deal. Mz. Nasty is all over the song too. Big G of MOSS is one of the guest artist on this song.

Wake up. Feel the blast of Mz. Nasty’s .380! She breaks it down throwing gang signs and drivebys. So come and meet your doom. That’s freak nasty. The weed she puffs is lye. Hardcore love comes from the streets of Bedrock in Flint.

Mz. Nasty is throwing bodies in Devils Lake after doing drivebys. You better believe these bodies are dead bodies of the victims she killed during those drivebys. The level she takes you through is like voodoo. That’s no bullshit. She is relentless and realistic with her shit. Drivebys are her favorite crime to commit. She represents Sonny Avenue & Lawndale Avenue in Merrill Hood.

Big G of MOSS says Flint is the shit and not to be fucked. That is factual because Flint niggaz don’t play. Flint niggaz are real niggaz.

ICE is next. Be scared at night because there are drivebys. Niggaz from the Ave are known not to slip. Flint niggaz are real niggaz. ICE is known for slanging thangs out in Merrill Hood. He hears about some funk popping off on Lawndale Avenue. His pager is blowing up as there are bitches getting fucked there. Ballers are fucking bitches there.

Some of the over the top lyrics to this song are “Things keep me tight/Wet dreams the other side of me/You can always see me/“ are a giveaway of explicit lyrics.

Mixed Emotionz gave King Hood Cykoz a shout out during the song. The lyrics “It’s the King Hood Cykoz down on 9th Ave” are a shout out to King Hood Cykoz which ICE gave. Despite Merrill Hood being Blood territory and King Hood being Gangsta Disciples territory, Mixed Emotionz was down with King Hood Cykoz.

Murda Ride is another one of ICE’s best solo tracks in existence. So pump up your stereo as he graces your speakers with lyrical heat. The song is about flexing in the finest cars. This song is sort of similar to psychedelic funk such as Parliament-Funk, George Clinton, Ohio Players, Zapp, New Horizons, and Roger Troutman.

This shit ain’t gonna stop. So pump up your stereo. Do you smoke trees? Do your whole crew pack heat? His does. ICE is just out to make the world rock. Does his music make you groove too? Murda Ride is all about money. So just sit back and smoke one. He’s gotta feeling he’s gonna make money with his music and his ride. It’s all about the murda ride. Something for you to flex to. Don’t stop. Especially if you are in your vehicle and you’re riding high.

A murda ride is sort of similar to psychedelic funk. Some subliminal type of shit. Something for your stereo. Take a whiff of that Killa ICE type of shit coming straight out of Flint. It’s a never ending battle making speakers rattle. ICE represents the whole Imperial Blew Back family. Killas like Big G from MOSS will break your back.

One Puff with MC Breed, Mz. Nasty, and ICE is the best Mixed Emotionz weed smoking song to chill out to. Roll up a fat blunt and pass it around. Lay back, smoke down to the funky sound.

The weed be hitting so strong. MC Breed wishes his dog would hurry up. He hasn’t made it home yet. Breed waited a long time. So he blows up his phone. He doesn’t answer. He beeped his pager. Breed got beeped back. It must be on. Straight to the dope spot is where MC Breed goes. He stays at the dope spot for the rest of the night. Cannabis and sativa is what he is smoking on. His mind is on the sheeba and shabbu-shabbu.

Channel Zero blew ICE’s mind. It’s the weed up in him. Do not get froze, shocked, or surprised. So let’s all get high. Roll up a fat blunt and pass it around. Lay back, smoke down to the funky sound. It’s the flavor of the month.

D Wood is have dosia and hydro for breakfast. He smokes dosia with a glass of milk. His eyes be flaming like fire. Weed got him so high that it put D Wood on a Bayou jet to where landed and ended up in Flint. Poppa Breeze came through with the trees.

The song Imperial Way is about the finer things in life such as materialistic things and bitches. Imperial Way is laced with boom bap synths and jazzy bass notes. D Wood is on the song.

ICE and D Wood are enjoying the finer things in life such as materialistic things and bitches. That talk about cars. Money gets the best shit. This is for the ballers that go to work too worldwide. They kick rhymes that are out of this world due to their lyrics.

D Wood is getting hella bent and fucked up. He kick rhymes that are out of this world over boom bap synths and jazzy bass notes. So prepare that ass for some real heat.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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