Review: Krondon – Everything’s Nothing

Everything’s Nothing is a superb album from LA’s most under-appreciated lyricist and emcee Krondon. Krondon blends the old school with the new school with his fierce battle style lyrics. The album proves that Krondon has not lost his touch. One thing is for certain is that this album is underrated.

Krondon uses rough scratchy vocals with his lyrical delivery over dark lo-fi beats on the song I1. Krondon breaks down how he analyzes game on the song I1. It’s the first and righteous out. Krondon can guarantee to get up off the ground without using kick start. There is nothing wrong with that. Actually that is smart if you take time to analyze and think about it. You couldn’t classify his category to fly the smoke with anybody.

Fools Rush In deals with albinism. The ignorance of albinism came from his own community. He faced racism from black as he felt black people did not understand the concept of albinism. Just read these lyrics and you’ll get an understanding. “Life with me just black and blue/Black boy and his eyes are blue/His hair’s is blond but his life is true/Got a couple zits and this Louie Vuitton/And his news shoes way beyond/He ain’t new schooled or home schooled/Can’t achieve it if I showed you/And believe it if I told you”

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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