Review: DJ Snake – King Of Bass

King Of Bass was an album that was produced, engineered, and programmed by DJ Snake. King of Bass itself was released on Youngsta Records in 1996. DJ Snake shows off drum programming techniques on this albums production as he responsible for 100% of the production. This album is different from his last album due to the absence of DJ AK and longevity. Bass test tones are included with this album with tracks 9-15 in the frequency ranges of 24.5 Hz to 58 Hz. The album is mainly a mixture of electronic, dance, rap, pop, and hip hop.

Art of Bass is an interpolation of Beatbox by Art of Noise. DJ Snake pays tribute to British electronic band Art of Noise on this song. The drum programming plays a role the heavy percussion ridden song. It’s an electronic mix n mash of Art of Noise songs into one single track. Most of the percussion selection is electronically programmed and not produced live. No live instrumentation was used on this song.

Super Boom was a 5 minute song that displayed DJ Snakes drum programming skills. He incorporated a 46 Hz bass test tone in the background. If you use ultrasound headphones that are good, you probably can hear the 46 Hz bass test tone. Super Boom is rap and hip hop influenced in terms of music.

Nasty Bass is another rap and hip hop influenced song electronically programmed by DJ Snake. Nasty Bass was most likely influenced by the sounds of Freaky Tales by Too $hort. The bass gets super nasty on this song.

Frequency is a journey into sound and bass. He kept the frequency clear while producing this song creating a mega melody of influences from several musical genres such as electronic, rap, hip hop, soul, and pop. Frequency incorporates elements from the How Low? song.

How Low? is an electronic rap inspired song which percussion was programmed by the great DJ Snake. The percussion and bass are set to an extremely loud volume! The bass is set to a vey low level.

Treble is faded and the bass is reduced on Bass Down. DJ Snake uses the bass reduction setting on this song. He masters it quite flawlessly. The percussion takes a sample of Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner. Bass test tones are used and sampled throughout the song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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