Review: Trey Lorenz – Trey Lorenz

The Trey Lorenz album was written during the Mariah Carey promotional tour of 1990. Trey with Mariah Carey and him became good friends during her 1990 promotional tour. Mariah Carey was said to have co-wrote songs for his solo album. She did the backing vocals for his debut album. Top writers made contributions to the songwriting along with Trey Lorenz himself. Most of the album contemporary R&B love songs and musical pop hits. The album was released in 1992 on Epic Records.

Someone To Hold was minor hit track composed by Trey Lorenz and co-written by Mariah Carey. You can tell Mariah Carey wrote this song just by looking at the title for this composition. The song Someone To Hold is a passionate love song sung perfectly by both Trey Lorenz and Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey sings the backup vocals for Someone To Hold.

However the song wasn’t a commercial success. Someone To Hold could have been a Top 40 hit. Lack of promotion led to the song not charting. Epic Records dropped the ball on the debut album for Trey Lorenz by not pushing or promoting the song properly as a minor hit for a single.

When Troubles Come is a song that will bring you to tears as the song itself is a tearjerker. When dealing with a lot of pressure with the world was crashing down on you, the song When Troubles Come uplifts and brightens your spirits along with others spirits. This upbeat tune always brightens up spirits. The song When Troubles Come is perfect for dealing with life and personal relationships.

The verse “You’re gonna need a friend” is about accepting people to come into your life. The verse is also about accepting love to be in your life. This verse sheds light on life and personal relationships.

Both Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz wrote the passionate song How Can I Say Goodbye. Mariah Carey wrote this song obviously. How Can I Say Goodbye could have been a hit track. Just To Be Close To You is an impassioned cover of Lionel Richie – Just To Be Close To You.

It’s truly bad that his solo work wasn’t a commercial success. Trey Lorenz could have been the Trey Songz of the 90s generation. That’s for sure. With the right management, promotion, support, and finances, he could have reached stardom. Trey Lorenz has a beautiful voice possessed with true vocal quality backed by excellent instrumentation arrangement.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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