Review: Ciara – Ciara

Ciara’s self-titled album from 2013 is what revitalized her singing career and relaunched her back into the mainstream spotlight. This album is what made her relevant again back in the 2010s. This album is a more conceptual album which has songs that promote the empowerment of women and independence. Which is exactly why the album has strong songs such as Keep on Lookin’ and Body Party. She and LA Reid reunited on this album also.

Both Ciara and Nicki Minaj give their everything on I’m Out. Nicki Minaj gives I’m Out that New York City rap flair. Ciara encourages the ladies to get out on the floor and get sexy on the song I’m Out. Ladies, it’s your song. Not even MC Hammer can touch this. It’s the ladies anthem.

I’m Out should have served as the closing track of the album due to its given title. Not so much because of its upbeat sound and nature. For some reason, Ciara and/or her label decided to place the song at the very top of the tracklist instead placing at the very bottom of the tracklist. Either way, the song is great and deserves much radio play.

Read My Lips is a catchy culinary-inspired song with a touch of sex. The song is sexually provocative in nature. Ciara tells her lover that she would rather stay at home and have a home cooked meal than going out to eat. She implies not so discreetly that she likes things on the down low. She implies not so subtly they stay home and have sex.

Verse 1 explains whoever is dating Ciara will want seconds.

[Verse 1]
So we’re stayin in tonight
Everybody’s goin out
Can we sit this one out, baby?
I got something else in mind, close the blinds, dim the lights
And you better bring your appetite
I’ll make you something real nice
If you like a lot of heat
Better come up in my kitchen, baby
Got everything that you like, why don’t you have a little taste?
Don’t let nothing, don’t let nothing go to waste

You got a home cooked meal right here. This is all for you. Ciara knows this meal is your favorite dish but you gotta savor the flavor and calm down. You ain’t leavin til you eat it all up. There’s nothing else like this in town. This is explained in the pre-chorus.

Down down, but you gotta savor it, savor it
I know it’s your favorite dish
Down down, you better put yo feet up
You ain’t leavin til you eat it all up

Tonight it’s going down on the kitchen floor. There ain’t no slowing down when Ciara turns her over on, baby. That’s how it’s going down tonight. Boy I got that sugar that can make you fall down.

Ciara decided to go old school and use a sample in Body Party. Body Party samples Ghost Town DJ’s – I Wanna Be Your Lady.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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