September 24, 2023

Choyce was one of Saginaw’s early R&B/Soul groups next to B.A.D., The Perfections, Klockwize, Strictly Original, U Be U, and The Soul Merchants to have released an album or single. Much of which were overlooked. This album from Choyce is no exception. Choyce was one of Saginaw’s R&B/Soul groups that never got the recognition they truly deserved. The album is filled with subtle soothing love ballads that was considered a common theme in the 90s.

Choyce – Slowly Risen was released on cassette by So Smooth Productions in 1994. Pleasure Sparks helped coordinate arrangements for a portion of this album. Lemon and Daddy REG served as the executive producers. Choyce – Slowly Risen was produced at U Be U Production House aka U Be U Studios in 1994. This was back when everyone including their mom and dad who lived in Michigan went to U Be U Studios to have their music mixed and mastered.

The smooth calming mood for the song of Settle Down is a perfect way to start an R&B/soul album off with. Subtleness of such nature is perfect for people to unwind to whether they come home from getting off work or in a mood for perfect midnight love session.

The chorus on Settle Down is quite soothing and subtle to one’s ears. The song is backed by a calm settling male chorus. Chorus for Settle Down is quite catchy.

Do you mind if we settle down.

I Thought U Loved Me is a love song based on heartbreak and betrayal. A man who thought a woman had loved him really loved someone else instead of that man. He thought she had loved him. That turned out not to be the case. The woman says things that are very hurtful to the man.

Come Back is an upbeat R&B/soul song that uses jingle bells throughout the whole duration of the song. Come Back is a tale of heartbreak for which the song is based on. It’s a tale of love.

Lay Your Body Down is a song you would expect to hear from RFTW, Jodeci, Ginuwine, or Fo Deep. The song is perfect for those in the mood for perfect midnight love session. Lay Your Body Down is a slow tempo paced slow jam.

Freak U Down is a song you would expect to hear from Jodeci, Ginuwine, or INOJ. The song itself is played at a mid tempo pace.

The last song called U Didn’t Know is where this album’s mood gets sad. Sound effects of rain mould into the song’s sadness. It’s sad when someone you though that had loved you and cared didn’t reciprocate your love.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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