Review: Michael Jackson – Off The Wall

Off The Wall is considerably one of Michael Jackson’s best albums of all time next to Thriller, Bad, Invincible, Ben, and Got To Be There. The entire album is a classic masterpiece as no song is worth skipping. None of his songs ever get old regardless of time period. You have dance floor groovers such as Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough, Get on the Floor, Burn This Disco Out, and Rock With You. Classic pop love ballads such as It’s the Falling in Love, Girlfriend, and She’s Out Of My Life are included. The album garnered major commercial success worldwide and is considered to be must have for any fan of pop music.

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough is the upbeat disco hyped opener for Off The Wall that will make you want to dance and get wiggly. The song uses some killer violins and lush relaxing shakers. Those shakers are what particularly give this song a disco vibe. You can’t stop until you get enough of this song. Musical genius Quincy Jones produced the song.

Michael wants to get closer to this sexy fly lady. He wants her to just love him. He wants her to his body right now. Love is what he is feeling right now. That is what the phrase “Lovely is the feeling now” means of course. Don’t stop ’til you get enough. Keep on with the force.

Michael compares love to melting hot candle wax as he feels on fire as there is nothing like a love desire in his lyrics to Verse 2. He is on fire as love is what he desires. Love can be such a fiery sensation. Temperatures are rising now. This is love power.

[Verse 2]
Touch me and I feel on fire
Ain’t nothing like a love desire (Ooh)
I’m melting (I’m melting)
Like hot candle wax
Sensation (Oh sensation)
Lovely where we’re at
So let love take us through the hours
I won’t be complaining (Aah)
Cause this is love power (Ooh)

Enemies despise heartbreak. Eternal love shines in his eyes. He tells her, “So let love take us through the hours. I won’t be complaining because your love is alright.”

Rock With You is the memorable flute ridden gem of a pop rock song that did numbers on the dance floor. This is one of his many songs that never gets old. The song is still played at dances and house parties to this day. You can just dance the night away and get wiggly with this song of his. So let that rhythm get into you. Don’t try to fight it. This song undoubtedly proves that Michael Jackson is the King of Pop.

Now what’s interesting and unique about this song is the only chord change that occurs is on the bridge. The chord changes to a different note during the bridge. Most of this song is played in E flat minor with a time signature of 4|4.

Michael wants this girl to dance with him all night long and he wants her desire. He wants her to relax and have a good time dancing with him. So he tells her to relax and dance with him as he does his dancing on the dance floor. However he is not straightforward or direct with her about his feelings towards her as they dance the night away.

Close your eyes. Let that rhythm get into you. Don’t try to fight it. Relax your mind, lay back, and groove with the music. You got to feel the heat and we can ride the boogie. Share that beat of love. Dance the night away.

Michael wants to rock with her all night. Dance with her in during the day when there’s sunlight. There ain’t nobody but them out on the dance floor. There’s a magic that must be love that is floating around on the dance floor as they boogie. He tells her to takes things slow as they have far to got. They both feel the heat and are gonna ride the boogie as they share the beat of love.

He wants the girl’s desire. They’re gonna dance rock the night away. You know that love survives when the grove is dead and gone. So they can rock forever. At least, that is, until they pass out.

Workin’ Day and Night is the official song of working adults everywhere. This song is strictly dedicated to them working people out there who are members of the working class. Working day and night from sun up to midnight. This song and Off The Wall serve worker’s anthem for the working class. The song uses 8 verses which is something you don’t very often these days.

Verses 1 and 2 explain the pains working adults face each day and night. For example, such as an aching shoulder or back.

[Verse 1]
Ooh, my honey
You got me working day and night
Ooh, my sugar
You got me working day and night

[Verse 2]
Scratch my shoulder
It’s aching, make it feel alright
When this is over
Loving you will be so right

Michael speculates that his girl might be seeing some other guy. That would disappoint and break his heart if that were the case because their love was meant to be. This love will not be reality if that were to happen. He is tired think about that or what his life is supposed to be. It ain’t right If he can’t give sweet love to her. This is explained by him during Verse 6.

[Verse 6]
How can you live girl
‘Cause love for us was meant to be (Well)
Then you must be seeing
Some other guy instead of me (Ooh)

(That’s Why)
You got me working day and night (I don’t understand it)
And I’ll be working
From sun up to midnight

At the very end of the song, Michael asks the girl, “Hold on. How can I get to you? I’m so tired now.”

Get on the Floor is another one of Michael Jackson’s pop songs that did numbers on the dance floor. Yet that particular song got overlooked by his fans oddly enough. Michael Jackson attempts to cajole a girl onto the dance floor at a club.

He asks the girl to get on the floor and dance. He asks the girl, “ Get on the floor and dance with me.” Michael loves the way she shake her thing. There’s a chance for dancing and groovin’ all night long. You bet it will be soothing. There’s a chance for chances and the chance is her choosing to be with Michael Jackson.

During the pre-chorus, he cajoles and persuades her to go on the dance floor by saying to her, “Then why don’t you just dance across the floor? Because there’s a chance for chances and the chance is choosin’.And I sure would like just to groove with you”

Then why don’t you just dance across the floor
Because there’s a chance for chances
And the chance is choosin’
And I sure would like just to groove with you

The song Off The Wall is an underrated dance floor jam that got very much overshadowed and overlooked due to the success of his other songs on this album. Funny how this is this title song for the album and it is underrated. The song revolves around the idea of having no worries, living fast, getting over troubles, and dancing.

When there is too much stress in your life and the world is on your shoulder, it’s important every once in a while to take a break and relax in order to get over your troubles. So tonight, leave that job up on the shelf and enjoy yourself. Let the madness in the music get to you as you feel this groove. Life ain’t so bad at all if you live it off the wall. If you can’t hang with the feelin’, then there ain’t no room for you in this part of town because we’re the party people night and day. Let loose like Grey Goose.

You can shout out all you want to as there is nothing wrong with folks getting loud and partying. There ain’t no one who’s gonna put you down because we’re the party people night and day. If you take the chance and do it. Sometimes you have to live your life off the wall.

Michael tells us to let the madness in the music get to you. Do what you want to do. There ain’t no rules. It’s up to you. It’s time to come alive and party on right through the night. Gotta hide your inhibitions and let that fool loose deep inside your soul. Better do it now before you get too old.

Here is what happens at the end of the song. Michael tells us to let the madness in the music get to you. Michael also teaches us that life ain’t so bad at all.

Girlfriend is a slow love ballad which utilizes a tempo of 66 BPM. This song is what calms the mood down for this album. This is one of his love songs that got overlooked by many. The song explains how Michael steals another man’s girlfriend and persuader her to be with him instead of her current boyfriend.

Michael steals another man’s girlfriend. He explains to her, “Girlfriend, I’m gonna tell your boyfriend. Tell him exactly what we’re doin’. Tell him what you do to me late at night when the wind is free.” He tells her all this information in a non-discreet manner as he suavely explains to her that his plan is to show her boyfriend all the letters he had been saving without his knowledge. So he explains to her the following, “We’re gonna have to tell him you’ll only be a girlfriend of mine.”

Michael explains how her love could not be denied on Verse 2.

[Verse 2]
I’m gonna show your boyfriend (Yeah)
Show him (Woohoo)
The letters I’ve been savin’ (Yeah)
Show him how you feel inside
And how love could not be denied (Oh no)

He tells her, “Girlfriend, you better tell your boyfriend. Tell him exactly what we’re doin’.Tell him what he needs to know or he may never let you go.” Michael is aware he may never let her go. So he tells him what he needs to know.

She’s Out Of My Life is Michael Jackson’s most heartfelt song about a breakup in a relationship. Michael is sad that his lady is out his life. The way Michael shows his emotions on this song is flawless. You can tell the pain Michael had been through as he was deeply hurt and scarred while dealing with his past breakups. She’s out of your life. Get over it, Michael.

You can tell he was using his natural voice and not any audio effects or synthesizers. That is why you can feel and hear the full range of his voice on this song. Michael sings and displays his vocal range to the best of his ability. That is what mad this song a fan favorite and internationally known.

I Can’t Help It is one of his more mellow dance tunes with a laid back lounge vibe and deep house sound with a flair of pop. The song explains how glad he is to have a lady and be in a relationship. He can’t help but be taken by surprise by his feelings.

When Michael looked in his mirror, he was taken by surprise because he can’t help but see her running through his mind. Helpless like a baby. Sensual disguise. He can’t help but love her. Michael can’t help it if he wanted to or could. Love came and possessed her. Bringing sparkles to her eyes. Michael is so glad he found her. She is an angel in disguise.

Patti Austin and Michael Jackson do a remarkable job singing on the chorus to It’s the Falling in Love. Their work together is absolutely phenomenal. Falling in love can make people high. Being in love can make people cry. You find yourself attracted to the one you love. No matter how it starts, it ends the same Someone is always doing the same thing by giving more of their love to someone else by trading in the passion for that taste of pain. Love is just a web of mystery.

Burn This Disco Out is the finisher for Off The Wall and is yet another overshadowed dance floor groover that got overlooked by his fans. This song was a perfect way to end his album. This song was a great way to end the whole disco era as 1979 was the last year disco was ever popular.

There’s a steam beat comin’ after you. You can take it if you only let your feelings through. So DJ, spin the sounds. We’re gonna burn this disco out! Groove all night and keep the boogie to get that sound. Everybody just get on down.

Michael has got a hot foot. So he freaks across the floor and joins the party. He’ll keep you movin’ as there is no way to stop once you get the beat inside your feet. There ain’t no way to stop once you get the beat inside your feet. That’s for sure. Everybody just get on down! Gonna dance until we burn this disco out. There ain’t no way that you’re gonna sit us down

Now the weekend’s come and it’s time for fun! You got to groove just like you know you should. The boogie keeps going on all night and day.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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