September 24, 2023

Lil J – All About J is a perfect kid friendly pop rap album which children and parents alike are surely to enjoy. That goes for anyone else. The topics range from having fun, partying, dating girls, relationships, to dealing with parenthood. His whole album has a fun atmospheric vibe that is not too serious, brash, or hedonistic despite his raps being volatile and wry.

Lil J – All About J is a pop rap album people forgot all about. Yet his name was big in 2002. For those who don’t remember, Lil J had a major buzz during the early part of the 2000s. People forgot about this dude. He was part of the slew of Lil’s that exploded onto the music scene in the early 2000s during the kiddie rapper era who got lost in the mix of the music business. He became an actor by starring in several movies when his career as a pop rapper didn’t pan out and that is how he got lost and overlooked. Jermaine Dupri trying to mold him into another Lil Bow Wow didn’t help either. That is why his career as a rapper did not last very long.

Lil J sounded like a 12 year old than a 16 year old at the time he was rapping on this album. He did not sound anything like a 16 year old. He sounded like Lil Bow Wow throughout this whole album as he copied his style.

The Born Ready Intro was produced by LT Hutton. Lil J wrote the lyrics of course. The intro is reminiscent of the start of a basketball with all the fans cheering for Lil J. People are clapping. Cheerleaders can heard in the background shouting his name if you listen closely.

Lil J tells us that he was born ready. He has the drive and determination to take him where he wants to go as a rapper and actor. And he has the drive and determination where he needs to go. He has Hollywood Records, LT Hutton and Jermaine Dupri backing him up behind the scenes.

It’s The Weekend was the song that catapulted Lil J into stardom and helped him gain celebrity status back in 2001. The funky guitar, hazy carefree vibe, hook, and chorus are what is memorable about this song. The song was as hot as the Fourth of July from 2001 to 2003.

Jermaine Dupri of So So Def produced the song and Kandi sung the hook and chorus. Hollywood Records paid Jermaine for to produce the song. Jermaine Dupri had Kandi write the lyrics to the hook and chorus. Jermaine Dupri tried to mold Lil J into another Lil Bow Wow which didn’t help in the long run because by 2003 he had disappeared and pursued an acting career by starring in several movies. That only worked for less than 2 years.

Some of you might even remember when Nickelodeon would play the music video for It’s The Weekend during commercials or between TV shows during the early part of the 2000s. The song was included on the 2002 Clockstoppers soundtrack. The music video was also played on BET’s 106 & Park.

What’s interesting about this song is the fact that this particular song was the first to use the phrase “To the windows, to the walls” before Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz did on their song Get Low in 2002. Ironically nobody had noticed this save for a few people.

The song It’s The Weekend is about partying and having fun. That is the whole song in a nutshell.

It’s the weekend. Lil J heard the party is packed from the front to the back. He says, “We are gonna tear the roof off and make the floor collapse.” He jumped out the Porsche and slid right in Club 112. Gave security dap. Security knows who Lil J is so he doesn’t need to show them any identification (ID). Lil J is either on the dance floor or the VIP section of the club. It’s a dance party so he’s going to be dancing with everyone else. He is sippin’ on virgin daiquiris and virgin margaritas. He stacks that cheese at Club 112.

Let your hair down. Lets have some fun. It’s the weekend and the party just begun.

The club is packed to the windows and to the walls. See my girls and all my dogs. We won’t leave till the windows are foggy. It’s the weekend. What you doin’? Get out the house. I wanna see you movin’. Gotta get your money right cuz it’s on tonight. Yeah it’s the weekend baby!

You should see the way Lil J is gaming on these dames. Chicks get whipped with appeal on how Lil J grips the wheel. So fast get whiplash when the wheels peel. Lil J is so ghetto but the broads still love him.

J never falls off his game. He is never rusty. J makes the girls stop and stare with the way the chains swing back and forth like a rocking chair. It’s hot in here! Like Nelly. Let’s pop a bottle in here. From 80 to Club Centuries to the good bar. Everybody knows Lil J the hottest star who is a Hollywood star.

L.E.S. and LT Hutton produced the song I Didn’t Know together. The song has Chinese vibe due to the zither that is used. The song I Didn’t Know is about how Lil J met this sleazy girl who he wants to date but can’t to due to his busy schedule as a rapper and actor. Him getting to deep inside a relationship is what got him in trouble with this girl. How was he supposed to know? He’s like a maverick. Check it.

The first night he laid eyes on her, his first reaction was whoa. The baddest chick he’d ever seen backstage at a show. She noticed him as she got his 3rd page in a row. He is not trying to answer but he is aware and self-conscious enough to realize he can always get that dancer. He told her he is just looking for a chance to kick it with her. He wanted to have a conversation with and have them exchange their phone numbers with each other.

He wanted her to be the one that would and could say, “I missed you, J.” She smiled at that and said, “I gotta go” He wishes she would stay. They must have talked for 2 hours that night. They discussed everything from his tour to if the world could be pure. He was about to take her in the silver azure. When she touched him, it felt like all his ills had been cured. This is kind of love his parents warned him about. Lil J is trying to run from this as he is too young for this.

He didn’t know where love was taken him as this was all so new to him. He didn’t know that love could hurt, so bad feel, or feel so good. He didn’t know. How was he supposed to know that he would meet that one? It’s not supposed to be like this.

Now every time he looks at her it’s like the very first time. Butterflies like before he spits his very first rhyme. Lil J is a player. He is not supposed to feel these things. If J reveals those things to his boys, they’ll let him have it. It’s getting drastic like a kid with advanced mathematics.

So confused and don’t know what to do. He hides his feelings from his crew. He can’t control the way he feels. Is it wrong? This too could be a thing that in time shall pass. His heart is burning but all that comes from fire is ash. He hopes the feeling lasts forever.

Now it’s February and they are in South Beach together. His tour is coming near. Lil J is going on tour overseas. He’ll be out about 16 weeks or so.

The inevitable is near. What she said froze his thoughts. She said, “It would be best if we didn’t talk.” She couldn’t take the heartbreak any deeper than that. She wanted him to tour freely and they shall see when he gets back. She gave Lil J the freedom he needed.

He ain’t met a girl competing with that. Instead of always tryna save her place mami gave him space. So as he saw the tear trickle down her angel face, he couldn’t take the pain from her. J turned and walked away from her.

He didn’t know. How was he supposed to know that he would meet that one? It’s not supposed to be like this.

Lil J Took My Girl is a wistful song of heartbreak and betrayal. The premise of this song is about how Lil J took someone else’s girl and she starts dating him. All he wants to do is get her sprung. He is a player after all.

Now some you when you were kids may have interpreted “I can’t believe that Lil J took my girl” as “I can’t believe that Lil J made me hurl”. I know I did as a kid. The vibe is similar to I Didn’t Know but is not quite the same. The vibe is mournful, sad, and quite airy due to the instrumentation that is used.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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