Review: Ginuwine – The Senior

Ginuwine – The Senior was Ginuwine’s comeback album for 2003 after a two year long hiatus from the music scene. This was the album that spawned the minor hit In Those Jeans. One thing that is noticeable about this album is the lack of Timbaland’s production which could have attributed to low album sales for this album. Which is a shame because the album had good bops such as In Those Jeans and Stingy. Songs such as Our First Born had marked his growth and maturity.

Ginuwine is singing his love for a girl who he loves more with everyday and won’t ever stop and would do anything for in his song Love You More.

There’s really nothing left to say. There’s really nothing more Ginuwine can say since she came inside his life she has given hi the best of herself everyday and night. He felt his happiness in her. That makes him wanna ride to the end of any valley. She brings him comfort to his soul. That gives him such a high. That makes him want to fly to the top of every rainbow. No he will never let her go.

Ginuwine loves her more everyday. More and more everyday She shows him love in every way. There’s nothing left for him to say. She is my wife and best friend. Something they both can treasure. In the mean time Ginuwine is gonna put in work. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Our First Born had marked his growth and maturity since he had become a father at the time this song was written. The song explained the joys of parenthood especially for a first time. Words can’t explain it alone.

His daughter made him the proudest daddy. Ginuwine can’t explain the feelings in him. He was proud when they heard that they were having a little baby girl. He couldn’t wipe off his smile. Heaven went and told the world that his wife was having his child. Ginuwine just can’t explain how he feels about their firstborn child.

Ginuwine will always love and care for his firstborn child that is his daughter. He will never neglect his daughter. He will always stand right there since he is the father. The most precious thing in the world to Ginuwine is his daughter.

In Those Jeans was Ginuwine’s biggest hit for the year of 2003. However the song was actually a minor hit due to the lack of Timbaland’s production which is really sad. Timbaland’s presence was missed by Ginuwine fans. Nevertheless the song was a hit in the clubs across the world.

The girl Ginuwine has his eye on is looking good and plenty tight. He wants to know if there is any more room for him in those jeans she is wearing. He likes it really thick. There is something looking tasty and really scrumptious in those jeans. Is there any more room for him in those jeans?

He has seen her from a far when he got into his ride. And he couldn’t stop himself from looking hard. She wore these jeans. That girl doesn’t know what those jeans do to him. Ginuwine doesn’t know the words to say to her. All that he knows is that he is loving what he sees and is feeling her. Doesn’t matter if her jeans are Levis, Prada, Baby Phat, Calvin, Iceberg, or Sergio. He loves the way she is wearing them.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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