Review: Tow Down – By Prescription Only

Tow Down’s album, By Prescription Only had moderate regional success in the state of Texas in 2000 with songs such as Country Rap Tunes and We Shinin’. By Prescription Only is an example of fine country rap next to Haystak, Butta Bean, Paul Wall, Bubba Sparxxx, Lil Black, and Nelly. In fact, Tow Down’s delivery style of rap is similar to Haystak, Butta Bean, Paul Wall, and Bubba Sparxxx. Not everyone can handle the brehsiveness of Tow Down. Take notice of the raw country sound.

Now what’s unique about this album is the theme. The theme for this album is similar to a pill bottle you would get at a pharmacy. The concept and design is a pharmaceutical drug related theme. The back cover has the color scheme of a pill bottle hence the orange. The CD has the texture of a pill tablet. The back cover is designed in the fashion of a label on a pill bottle. Warning labels are included of course. Notice the DR. M. E. Feelgood? That’s Dr. Me Feelgood aka Dr. Make Me Feel Good. Also notice the caption that says, “Dime Records The Records Company America Trusts”.

The most hilarious warning label filled with humor is this one. DANGER: Listening to this album high or intoxicated may cause varied listening effects while increasing your desire to operate heavy machinery.

Country Rap Tune was his first buzz single that got him radio play across Texas and Louisiana back in 2000. Country meets rap on this song. HAWK and Big Pokey laid it down lyrically on this track. Tow Down, HAWK, Big Pokey, and Joe Slaughter are just some Texas tycoons makin’ country rap tunes. The instrumentation is backed with a pedal steel guitars, acoustic guitars and shakers. The song has a bit of Americana added.

H.A.W.K lets us know that H-Town is taking the game to another level at the beginning of the song. Rappin the country western style of course. It’s about to go down. He had to let these people know that Tow Down is a trendsetter, mann!

Towdown is from the land of longhorn and cattle which is a place called Texas. We ride leather and wood. Seatbelts with saddles, chrome wagon wheels, and carriages with candy paint. Instead of tumblin’ weed, we been blowin’ dank from sun up to sun down. His duro (wood) stays lit. His peeps be shinin.

Wanted dead or alive posters in cities of which he rob are posted around Texas. Days are hot and long. And the nights are restless. All of his exes live in the best little whore house in Texas. The devil’s riding dirty from Georgia with two aces. Tow Down is not Garth Brooks but has got friends in low places no one would expect.

Tow Down put his own spin on the western film How The West Was Won and turned that into How The South Was Won during the last part of his verse. Tow Down plays the role of the Southside Strangle. The Southside Strangle is sluggin the chain and strong armin’ strangers. He might have a chainsaw. Packin gats and stackin funds. The Dirty South is what How The South Was Won is about.

The very end of his verse incorporates lyrics from Kenny Rogers – The Gambler which are “Gotta know when to walk away/Know when to run”

H.A.W.K. is Houston’s best kept secret and is representin’ the Dirty South. Uncut and raw on this country rap. Think country western rap. One of the coldest you ever saw. An immortal outlaw. HAWK shreds this track like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the use of adjectives and nouns. HAWK is an H-Town superstar who sips soda mixed with barre. His horse is a car and his carriage is a 4.6 Range Rover with a V 12 motor. The game is over. Now this countrywestern rap is officially in.

We Shinin’ was another buzz single that got regional play on radio stations across Texas and featured Lil Flip. Country meets rap on We Shinin’. The song is about flashy materialistic things such as cars and jewelry.

Tow Down has never been discreet about his secret activities regarding marijuana. Some of the lyrics expose his past of being a marijuana distributor. “Blowin’ trees, TVs, green, CDs, and DVDs/I’m high but low-key, ridin SUVs/High-dollar baller keepin the ‘dro in stock/I hit the spot, drop the top and I pop the crop”

Lil Flip rides in a drop top Jaguar on chrome all day. Sucka free and Dime Records got stacks. Bubbled-eyed Benzos and Cadillacs. We all ball for the millennium.

This Tow Down tune called Slant Eyes is all about getting high. Plain and simple as this Tow Down tune is smooth country rap. Some pimpilistic shit.

Tow Down has never been discreet about his secret activities regarding marijuana inside of the lyrics to many of his songs. Some of the lyrics expose his past of being a marijuana distributor. Read some of the lyrics below to have an understanding.

South Park Mexican: “Nuthin but the doh-doh for me/Jus’ like the potpourri/My bitch hit my weed and coughed up an ovary/Tow Down blow ‘dro with me”

Tow Down: “I get high on each second of every minute of every hour/Like Cheech and Chong, blowin’ the bong/Or rollin’ in the Eddie Bauer/I stay tall like skyscrapers/Weed’s always around so I gotta have papers/And you can get high too/Whether a gram for you, or a pound for ya whole crew/Whatever you need I got weed, from liquid trip to dip to hydro to ecstasy”

“I get so high. You ever get so high you smoked your self sober?”

Not a day goes by that SPM and Tow Down don’t get high. Gotta get slant, ey? High so high. They get high on each second of every minute. Like Cheech and Chong blowin the bong or rollin in the Eddie Bauer on the hour. Tow Down and SPM have enough weed for your whole crew to smoke and enjoy. Tow Down is the hemp hunter and weed connoisseur. From liquid trip to dip, hydro to ecstasy. Smoke a blunt of that good shit. Inhale exhale. Now that’s some good shit. With dope like this, I know you’ll take a hit.

Also Cool is a laid back country rap tune with an upbeat vibe. Grizz produced the track in 2000. The song samples old school beats.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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