Review: Too Hard Too Hype – Welita’s Kitchen

Too Hard Too Hype – Welita’s Kitchen is one of the lesser known San Antonio rap albums which not many know about. The album has some of the hottest freestyle raps which were pure fire and some spicy Latin rap also with song such as Whatcha Gonna Do, Style N Substance, and Let It Drop. The old school hip hop sound is prevalent on this album.

The album was issued and pressed on cassette only by Solid Records in 1992. The Welita’s Kitchen album was sold locally around San Antonio, Texas. Solid Records and J I Production produced the Welita’s Kitchen album. Too Hard Too Hype was one of the first Chicano hip hop/rap groups from San Antonio and Texas. In fact, Too Hard Too Hype was one of the first Chicano hip hop/rap groups period overall. They were ferocious rhyme spitters.

Whatcha Gonna Do is one of the hottest freestyle rap songs on the Welita’s Kitchen album. Verse 1 is Kenneth, Verse 2 is Krayon, and Verse 3 is Roc. The group boasts and brags about how they are the dopest rhymers throughout the song. Too Hard Too Hype thought they were the SA version of AND 1 back in 1992. Turns out Too Hard Too Hype looked more like N-Juan instead.

Too Hard Too Hype talk about what they have that over rappers lack on the song Style N Substance. They say what other rappers lack is style and substance in their music. Style N Substance is a hardcore lyrical rap song. The song also uses a mean bassline.

Let It Drop is a percussion heavy hip hop song with dope rhymes. The percussion was programmed electronically from a drum machine. Lyrics are rapped over a looped guitar sample that can be heard repeating over the song. Mixin’ Mando is responsible for the scratches.

I Have A Solution was a song about suicide, love and pain. That is why this midtempo song has a theme love and suicide. The song itself is a midtempo slow jam. The message of this song is that love hurts. However the song is not too graphic. Local record stores and music shops had to take it off the shelves cause there were too many suicides to this song.

What I Write is dope fresh rap song. Hardcore poetry, rhymes, and rhythms are what compose the song What I Write. San Antonio classic right here!

Welita’s Kitchen is a spicy Latin rap song dedicated to both Mexican food and Spanish food. The song serves up a tasty dish of ethnic food. So have some beans and rice with a large glass of tea.

The song is memorable for having the classic spicy lyrics which go, “I love my Welita’s kitchen and the beans and rice with a large glass of tea/Tastes so good to me/With tortillas that’ll make your ass fat/With tortillas that make you wanna come back”

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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