Review: James Ethington III – Rheacycle EP

James Ethington III’s debut EP Rheacycle can be described as Van Morrison mixed with Prince and a dash of Dave Matthews. Alternative rock meets for music on this EP. Becca serves as the lead single for this EP while Sexy, Juicy, Bouncy is one of the standout tracks. This EP is an eclectic five song mix reminiscing of the glory days of alternative acoustic music.

James Ethington III’s debut EP Rheacycle was officially released online in June 3, 2020. Production work and engineering was handled by Eric Gubala and Orlando Gomez. Becca was the lead single for this EP.

The intro starts off with an acoustic guitar followed by a set of modern. Now this intro has a dash of Dave Matthews. The message of the intro is the 3 R’s which are “Reduce, Reuse, and Rheacyle!”. So always remember to reduce, reuse, and rheacyle!.

The guitar notes you hear on Art of My Life are similar to the guitar notes from Avril Lavigne – Wish You Were Here. Both songs are almost similar to each other in comparison to tone and vibe. Not so much the setting. James describes how he can learn to love his girlfriend better.

Becca served as the lead single for this EP. The acoustic sound is simply amazing. Sometimes alternative rock with a dash of Dave Matthews is what we need. The song deals the pain of your loved one being a far distance away from you. But it’s just distance between the one you love.

James is in Becca’s city in and out of bars trying to keep his mind still. She’s gonna call him on the phone.
You know how she gets when she’s alone. She’s going to bite his head off! Becca and James are in a New York state of mind. He tells her his love is always behind her whether she knows that or not.

Lyrics to the first verse explain this.

[First Verse]
Becca I’m in your city
In and out of bars trying to
Keep my mind still
She gonna call me
On the phone
You know she gets
When she’s alone
She’s going to bite my head off!

New York state of mind
My hearts a map and I’m
Sure that I could seek and
Find you, my loves always
Behind you

The second verse reminisces on memories from their junior year. Funny how memories don’t age like they do. James thinks about the memories of old when he’s feeling low. They both dance so slow but he doesn’t want to be alone. James is in her city. He heard Becca got a brand new skillset. Oh how some men get off.

Sexy, Juicy, Bouncy is one of the stand out tracks for this EP of his. James know who he’s going to spend his time with. His girlfriend is his treat and won’t play no tricks on him. He can’t leave for the weekend all your love. They link up like lego’s. He tells her not to let go as they will fall apart like Jenga. Topanga, stole their hearts back in the 90’s.

Words to the lyrics of this song make references to board games such as Jenga and products from 90s culture. Read the lyrics to get a better understanding.

We link up like lego’s, Don’t let go
Cause you how we’ll fall apart like Jenga
Oh, Oh Topanga, stole our hearts in the 90’s
I know where I’m at, I don’t need you to remind me

We link up like keychains, Tamagotchi
But you hold me so tight like
I’m you property, Hey!
Winnie Cooper, I used to see you
After school, I’m your pet, Now I’m her fool

I rate this EP 5/5*****!

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