Review: Nuwine – Mission Possible

Nuwine turned Mission Impossible into Mission Possible for this album. Nuwine’s mission for this album was to introduce the Son of God to the whole world including his audience. Yes. Houston, Texas religious mogul Nuwine is on another Ghetto Mission to save the world from unholiness. Mission Possible from 2002 is yet another album from Nuwine that got overlooked and did not receive any attention from news media. Most Nuwine albums such as this one and 1998 tend to get overlooked and overshadowed on a nationwide

Nuwine shows devine gratefulness to the Lord on What The Lord Has Done For Me. The Lord has done a lot for Nuwine. For him to be still alive is a blessing. Nuwine puts focus on God as well. Nuwine is very grateful and blessed in what the Lord has done for him. He is truly blessed.

Nuwine gets into deep religious thought on Think About It. He suggests that his listeners think about religion. A sultry tune is what one can use to describe Think About It. Think About It serves as an intellectual track that dives into intensive deep thought from a faith based perspective. Nuwine attempts to educate his audience with the Think About It track.

Nuwine turned Mission Impossible into Mission Possible for the song Mission Possible. Nuwine reminds us that anything about is possible. Even through the eyes of God anything is possible. His mission is to introduce the Son of God to the whole world. Things don’t get too raucous however.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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