Review: Baby Bash – Cyclone

Baby Bash came out with another whirling hit of an album called Cyclone back in 2007. The album uses a balance of pop, rap, and Latin music. The only downside to the album is the overabundance of guest artists and features. He had too many guest artists and features on this album. This was unusual given that Baby Bash did not usually feature guest artists on all of the songs to his albums. He would only have guest artists be featured on 25%-30% of his albums.

Spreewells Spinnin’ is about the fancy rims on Baby Bash’s car that keeps on spinning when stopped at a traffic light at an intersection. This was your typical Houston rap song that was released during the explosion of Houston rappers.

His Spreewells are spinnin’ on chrome. The spreewells keep spinnin’. And his trunks on pop. Truck glowed to the white with 2.2 pearly boulders. Moon roof to the back. So you know Baby Bash stays ridin’ clean and droppin’ screens. That’s Baby Bash on that ass stackin’ presidents. Some call it feddi, scrilla, cash, money, or Benjamins. He’s in the zone, off that chrome in your residents. He ain’t fakin’ like half the rappers in the nation.

Baby Bash likes the way a stripper moves her body around and around. That is what the song Cyclone is about. This Lil Jon-produced hit was one of those club songs that had dance floors pumping and grooving back in 2007. This was Baby Bash’s most successful single of 2007.

She moves her body like a cyclone. And she makes Baby Bash wanna do it all night long. She is going hard when they turn the spotlights on because she moves her body like a cyclone.

Now look at that dumper on the back of that bumper. She ain’t even playing when she shaking that rumpa. She gets lower than a muffler. Either she with her girlfriends or showstoppin’ with her hustler. The way she move her body, She might see the Maserati. She wanna put it on Baby Bash by tryin’ to show him her tsunami. And she has got an entourage and her own paparazzi. She makes it hard to copy. Always tight and never sloppy.

Now there she go again ridin’ through the stormy weather. You better button up if you wanna go get her. Cause it is what it is. Everybody wants to love her. But when she pops it, boy, you better run for cover.

It’s a rap when she breakin’ boys off the typhoon when she’s gotta get that fetti like a boss tycoon. Now hold it steady because she make a monsoon. Bet she got them heads turnin’. You gon’ hear it clack-clack when them Stiletto heels get to burnin’. Shawty got looks, hips, and shawty got class. And shawty got ass. When she hit the stage, she drop it down low. She must be the one.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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