Review: Vallejo – Brothers Brew

Vallejo went back at it again with their new album Brothers Brew in 2012! There are not really any fillers on this album. If you liked Stereo, you will like this album! Some of it sounds like the Black Crows, Santana, or Los Lobos. Brothers Brew is the best Vallejo album of 2012! Take Me Away, Gone, With Everyday, Running, and Nothing To Lose are the highlight songs. Which should have all been singles. This album took 4 years to record.

The front cover is a pencil drawing was yellow on a burnt brown/red backdrop background with a pencil art drawing of the Vallejo band. The original Vallejo band is included.

Free is about being free from the person you once were and used to be. The song is a representation of spiritual freedom. The song nonchalantly represents personal freedom too. You’re as free as the ocean and high as the mountain. There’s no stopping you. You were once lost but now you found yourself.

Take Me Away is a song about escaping the monotony of everyday life.

Sometimes you need to run away from the strain of everyday life. Everyday life can be painful and monotonous at times. Sometimes you just want to be taken away to a better place where there is not as many problems. You work long hours for a corporation that work you very hard. No matter what, you try to live your own way with all your friends and family.

Vallejo shows some political awareness at the very of this song in their lyrics. They explain how fat was from Wall Street are cheating the American public out of their money in high numbers. These fat cats also cheat Wall Street. Read these lyrics to get a better understanding.:

Take me away, take me away
Back to a place where I’m living the
American dream in the USA

We got fat cat rats cheating Wall Street numbers
Chewing up money on a hot dry summer
Tell me something good or does it matter anyway

Better Days is about longing for good days instead of bad days. Everyone is longing for better days. Sometimes life can be tough. It’s how you choose to handle your behavior that counts.

Waiting On You is a mid-tempo soulful love song which is one of the highlight songs for this album. As a band, Vallejo refers to this song as a “soulful groover”. Soul meets rock on Waiting On You. The band did a lovely job with combining soul and rock together. The instrumentation is perfect. AJ and Omar’s work is all over this Vallejo song.

The lyrics in the chorus explains what playing the fool means.

But don’t you keep me waiting, waiting on you
Don’t have me playing, playing the fool
You keep on saying, that I’m in love with you
So don’t keep me waiting
Cause all I ever do is wait on you

A Million Reasons is Let’s Talk About It revisited. There are a million reasons why you should be with the person you cherish and admire. No need to lie to yourself. Leaving that person alone can’t be good for you emotionally.

Money is about a woman who only wants a man for his money. She doesn’t care about his feelings. Money is the Vallejo answer to Kanye West’s Golddigger song.

Her good smell drives him wild. He likes her style. But there is something that sets him far apart from her. That something is money. He tells her, “You don’t wanna fool with me” . He’ll just break her heart. She is weighing him down by going after his money. She likes the money.

He’s not the kind of man who doesn’t mind paying for things. However he’s no sucker to her little game. He’s not into games where the man gets scammed.

Gone is a bitter yet sad song about love. The song deals with being dumped by your lover. One word to describe this song is bitter.

With Everyday deals with how fast time goes and flies by. The song is similar to The All-American Rejects -Move Along and Incubus – I Wish You Were Here.

The lyrics to the beginning of the song show awareness about how fast time goes by and how the years go passing by. This part of the song deal with forward progression in terms of time. People often overlook how fast time flies by.

Crazy how the years passing by
We sift through days so fast that we don’t realize
That life is not as long as we
Might like to think that it should be

That same goes for the middle of the song. Read these lyrics: “Crazy how the pictures fade and float way/It’s funny how we try to turn the page”

Running is about staying motived no matter how things be or how bad the circumstances are. Nothing To Lose serves as the closing for Brothers Brew.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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