Review: Vallejo – Beautiful Life

Vallejo – Beautiful Life was the sophomore album by Vallejo released on TVT Records in 1998. This Vallejo album showed a more improved sound leaning more into a mixture of hard rock and Latin rock with songs such as Classico and Me Ya Voy. The songs are just as deep from their self-titled effort. The album included hits such as Classico, and Snake In The Grass.

Hola bienvenidos! This song is an invitation to the new Spanish Classico sound by Vallejo. So come on down and let Vallejo take you there into the new millennium. Latin meets rock music on Classico creating a Latin rock fusion. Live instrumentation accompanied the Latin rock song with Vallejo using a mix of the Spanish and English language on Classico. Classico was their hit single for 2000 also.

It was the Vallejo anthem of 1998 and 2000 for the Vallejo band. Especially the Spanish version of this song which they would play at their live concerts. Classico was a hit when Vallejo performed that song during their live concerts. Many fans instantly fell in love with that song afterwords.

The song Snake In The Grass is a mild-mannered rock song backed by a selection of guitars and percussion. The groovy guitars really stand out. DJ Hurricane mans the turntables and provides those raw vinyl scratches.

Snake In The Grass is a sneak tale about a sneaky snake in the grass. Look out for the snake in the grass. The snake sees you coming. Squeezing out the innocence you may have. He will get your ass. He slips into darkness as you’re standing there alone. The snake kills with no remorse or sympathy. The snake is all equal opportunity.

Once Again is coming back home to the person you love. The song is a Vallejo love song. It’s coming around all in your senses. You’re changing your fast ways. And soon you will be home once again. Back home to the person you love.

You know what the say. Opposites attract when it comes to loved. That’s something that comes up when people think about love. You trying to figure that person out. Figuring out the person you love is not going to be easy. Figuring out that person is going to be difficult. Love is something more than being friends. However that is not so bad.

The song is subtle and not too explicit. The lyrics in this song do not explain the raunchy side of sex. “That’s when you turn down the lights/And then you take me down…”

Naive is a song about being young and dumb. Everything you believe is not always true. The song has a theme distance due to lack of awareness.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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