Review: Lil Sko – U Know Tha Sko

Lil Sko – U Know Tha Sko is one of the tightest underground Memphis rap junts of 1998. The album is super flaked out with a touch of acid rap similar to MastaMind and Tommy Wright III. That makes sense given how this album was released by Tommy Wright III’s label. Lo-fi synths and low quality drums are what make the album brehsive.

Lil Sko bit off of Outkast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik style on the song Playeristic Music. Lil Sko has got that Southern fried funkalistic music with production from Maceo and Tommy Wright III. Clear enough for your ears to hear Psycho and Lil Sko. And when they’re through Memphisizing, you’ll be begging them for more.

Psycho gotta have that revenue. Kicking up shit with the showin’ up crew. You might fall flat when Psycho pops that gat. That’s the way he’s got to live. He wants a new Benz and a brand new crib. Chiefin hay everyday. Better run because niggas don’t play with the cheese at dope spot. Hittin’ on nigga if he had coke.

Psycho’s gotta have that cheese on time. Making his money with the crime on rhyme. If it don’t make dolla’s, it don’t make sense. Quit wasting his time and money that’s spent. He has got the plan to pull out his .9 and rob the man. He’d rather rob niggas for cheese and do that with ease. Bustas ass niggas that think that they want to run up when he’s got that yak in his hand. Don’t waste no time. Don’t fuck with the clan.

Lil Sko wants to make his cheese quick and fast. Even if he has to make a dash for the cash. Day after day, play after play. Somehow, someway he wanna make the shit last. Showin’ up niggas achieved and believed by him making that motherfucking money. The American Dream is as close as it seems. Like a junky on crack.

Even if Lil Sko has to sweat the blade to get paid. Showin’ up niggas that steal to make meals. Stage rappers stay gauged. Nothing can save him. Counting up cheese from all bitches that a nigga dogged out. His minds all up to having something new. And this just goes to show that Lil Sko is serious about his money. Money make the motherfucking hood go round. Shit got thick and they still count profits. You gotta respect this showin’ up click.

Miss White Cocaine is about how cocaine has tempted Lil Sko to do some crazy and devious shit. He develops the feeling to get ready to dump another a body and to get addicted to cocaine.

The intro to the song uses the flow and cadence of Rick James – Mary Jane. Notice how the lyrics are arranged.

What’s her name, what’s her name
What’s her name, what’s her name, Miss White Cocaine
What’s her name, what’s her name, Miss White Cocaine
She keep me up all night steady sniff and draining

One of Lil Sko’s personalities have been tempted him to do some crazy and devious shit. Like clicking and having the feeling to get ready to dump another a body and to get addicted to cocaine it seems. He is quick to grab his grip, pop in the clip, and take buster boys chip off the other side. He is ready to kill.

With a gun to his head, he’s better off dead. No comments were made. Instead Lil Sko sprayed and painted that redrum when that slug hit his dome. And his body just lay deep in that grave. Putting everybody that was there up first.

Homicidal tendencies be killing Lil Sko and Project Playa. Building up pressure releasing the work from their steam with schemes of serial killers.Project Playa is popping in clips and then making your life a dream. So devious believing it’s real. Project Playa is hearing little voices telling him to kill. He is constantly tempted to take your soul. Let your life fly by and your body burn while the candles light up in the underground turn. I guess you haters will never learn.

Never fire on the man with the profit. Shoot the nigga behind the man so that nigga can’t rob. K-Rock signed the contract. It’s just a matter of time before he cashes that check. You player haters can hate. He grab his AK, robs the boy, and shoots up the car with the Glock. What the fuck? Some nigga took his cocaine. So K-Rock will do another drive-by and merk him down.

I rate this album 5/5*!!

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