September 24, 2023

The Rhythm Slaves – Lounge Excursion EP uses a beautiful classy fusion of jazz house and funk. This is a classic slice of jazzy goodness on top of deep house and lush dance beats. Styles of music such as jazz house, electronic house, deep house, and tech house were used on this EP. The piano gives the EP a classy touch and sense of class. This Rhythm Slaves EP was written and produced by Richard Gow in 2001 and was remastered in 2021 by Davide Disanto at TOW Records, Bari, Italy.

Lounge Excursion is a beautiful jazz house jammer. The piano gives the track a classy touch and deep jazzy goodness. The track uses a beautiful flute piece accompanied by some soft lush posh dance beats.

Grooverim uses a classy touch and fusion of jazz house and funk with catchy synth notes overlapping a piano. The piano gives the track a sense of classiness thus retaining that deep jazzy goodness. Now this track is more funk oriented as grooves are used everywhere. A beautiful xylophone solo is performed during the middle of the track.

Knock Jazz gives jazz music a breath of fresh air with a classy piano, atmospheric pads, and lush dance beats. This is jazz house at its finest. This song is another beautiful jazz house jammer.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!

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