Review: Storm – Nobody’s Daughter

Storm from the rap group Outlawz came fierce and lyrical on her solo album Nobody’s Daughter. Her album has that raw and uncut hardcore rap sound. She displays her skills in rhyming and lyrics. She kills every solo track she raps on. Neva B, Pain, and All Bullshit Aside are some of the highlights.

Storm from the rap group Outlawz was supposed to have a solo album be released under Makaveli Records and distributed by Death Row Records in 1996 after 2Pac planned to return from Las Vegas. However this did not happen because 2Pac was assassinated in Las Vegas. So her album was shelved. If 2Pac had survived the shooting during that trip to Las Vegas, then Storm’s solo album under Makaveli Records/Death Row Records would have been released.

However she kept recording songs for her solo album up until the middle of 1998 when she decided to leave Outlawz and Death Row. So some songs on this album were recorded in 1998.

Now Storm has a zero tolerance policy on bullshit or fakeness. That is why she decided to leave the music industry after 2Pac died. What Storm needed for her solo album to have been a success is the right tracks and the right business team behind her.

[I stopped because, after Pac died, the music stopped for me. It’s like I went deaf! I was literally soul-broken. I started to see things that I didn’t like and weren’t part of my character. I started to experience the things that Pac had basically blocked me from and put himself in front of so I didn’t have to deal with it and I could just concentrate on music. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t naive. I’ve been through a lot of shit, but it was just nice to have someone there that I know without a doubt that had my back and that I could just do music.

But, when he was no longer that shield, I saw the faces of disloyalty, greed, deceit, lies, so called homies/family showing their true evil ways. I found out, the hard way, that you have no friends in this business, only opportunist! I felt, right after Pac died, that if I kept dealing with these kind of people, I would most likely have snapped, and ended up in somebody’s prison! Because I have very little, if any, patience for bullshit or fakeness. I didn’t trust anybody after Pac because he was too genuine, loyal, and respectful to me for me to accept anything less from anybody else. I started to carry a pistol everywhere I went. I became so reckless and angry after Pac’s death that I hated everybody, sometimes including myself! I felt God had made a huge mistake!]

Storm cannot release the songs from her 1996 solo album due to red tape. These songs she recorded for her solo album were for Death Row Records/Suge Knight Publishing and did not belong to her.

According to a news article from, Storm has solo work from her solo album that is owned by other businesses and publishing entities. Red tape (label politics and publishing rights) have prevented her from releasing those songs. However she has not decided yet on what to do with her recordings.

“I have solo work that are lost in other’s hands from the past (red tape), and I have new material that I have control over. I haven’t decided what I want 2 do with them, but, yes, I’m always creating…”

“Yes, there are still unreleased songs of myself and Pac and myself and the Original Outlawz stuck in red ego tape somewhere.”

Neva B is the title of the album that Storm came up with with Pac’s approval of course. That was going to be the name of her first album which was originally planned to be released under Makaveli Records/Death Row Records.

Neva B was the first song on her album which Storm told her life story in her own unique way. She was inspired by 2Pac while formulating the song. She started thinking how nobody can touch 2Pac or the songs that Pac had written. So she started to name the titles, one by one, and made his titles tell HER story. Neva B was a tribute song for 2Pac. 2Pac taught her well. Storm killed this track.

Neva B is the title track of the album that Storm came up with with Pac’s approval of course. That was going to be the name of her first album that was originally planned to be released under Makaveli Records/Death Row Records.

This is the history behind the song “Neva B” and how the song came to be.

[The first song is her way to tell her own story in her own unique way. The track Neva B was born. How did this come to pass? “The lyrics Neva B woke me up from my sleep at 12:01 am in the morning and I went back to sleep an hour later, with the lyrics, including the chorus (hook) and the melody, finished. I started thinking how nobody can touch Pac or the songs that Pac had written, so I started to name the titles, one by one, and made his titles tell MY story. That’s how I came up with Neva B. I WAS Brenda’s baby, but I was rescued and given life back. That’s why I’m “Nobody’s Daughter.” I literally wasn’t! That was going to be the name of my 1st album, with Pac’s approval, of course.”]

[Neva B was a song I basically gave 2 my fans! It was also a thank u 2 Pac for all the masterful music that he left us, and that was so real and so relatable that I could actually take his titles and talk about my own life. That’s the dominant separation between Artist and Legend that I wanted 2 expose!]

Storm was one a little girl with the same mind quick to holler at a nigga with the same line. She had a .22 gauge to back her up if she were ever to get into any sort of trouble and for suckas on the block that be acting up. Storm heard Brenda had a baby and that’s real nice until Brenda turned crazy and took that life. Now she is struggling to understand because she was Brenda’s little baby breathing again.

You can easily tell just by reading and analyzing her lyrics that she was very much inspired by the writings of 2Pac. You can feel 2Pac’s spirit up in here because she literally rapped titles of each of 2Pac’s songs into her bars.

It’s Just Me Against The World, Run The Streets Alone
With These Crooked Ass Niggas I See Death Around The Corner
Lord Knows It Ain’t Easy Tradin’ War Stories
Point The Finger Open Fire I’m An Outlaw
Only God Can Judge Me If My Homies Call
Holla At Me Heaven Ain’t Hard 2 Find
Got My Mind Made Up Against All Odds

This Ain’t Living Shorty Wanna Be A Thug For Real
I Got A Million Dollar Spot Hennessy And Weed
Strictly For My Niggas Never Had A Friend Like Me
I Stay High Till I Die God Bless The Dead
Hail Mary For A Hellrazor Hold Ya Head
How Long Will They Morn Me If I Die 2nite
I’m Running On E Staring Through My Rearview Light
They Say The Good Die Young But What About A Bastard
Same Song Thug Style Teardrops And Closed Caskets
Letter 2 My Unborn Last Words 2 My Seed

2 My Closest Road Dog Still Heavy In The Game
Are You Still Down? Down… Down…
Are You Still Down, Down For Me, Yeah

Listen… A Penny For Your Thoughts, Please
You Can Be A Millionaire
But There’ll Neva B No One Quite Like You
You’re So Rare… Rare

First It Was All About You Now All Eyes On Me
So Imma Bomb First Fuck The World They Can’t See Me
Guess Who’s Back The Rebel Of The Underground
With A Thug Passion Something Wicked 2 Live And Die
In L.A. When We Ride The Streets Is Death Row
So Many Tears No More Pain For Lost Souls
Dear Mama You Were Just Like Daddy
But I Ain’t Mad At Ya Cause Ya Never Wanted 2 Have Me
Wonder Why They Call You Bitch Cause You Scandalous
But I Will Never Call You Bitch Again That’s Blasphemy
Temptation Got Me Trapped In This White Man’s World
Fair Exchange I’m Taking Back Everything They Owe
Don’t Make Enemies With Me Cause Life Is Hell For A Hustla
I’m Getting Money Worldwide Upper Cuttin’ These Bustas
Fake Ass Bitches Fuck All Ya’ll Cradle 2 The Grave
Give My Letter 2 The President Tell Him Make It Better Days

On the wild and crazy song Wild Child, Storm went hard and fierce as she used a strong punch of reality rap. She explained she would give love to a wild dysfunctional child. Tyrone aka Hurt M Badd produced Wild Child.

Wild Child is another 2Pac inspired song Storm recorded in early 1996. Storm and 2Pac were working on ideas for her solo album which 2Pac wanted to include a Run Tha Streetz 2 type of song. Sometimes Storm would just got to the studio alone and work on ideas herself to present to 2Pac later. She wanted Jewell to sing on the song. However Storm sang the hook not for it to be there permanently, but to lay a guideline down on/of how she wanted it sung.

This is what Storm said about the song Wild Child in a post on the website.

[I haven’t heard this song since I recorded it back in early 1996. Pac was still here. We were working on ideas for my solo project which Pac wanted 2 include a Run Tha Streetz 2 type song. Sometimes I would just go 2 the studio solo and work on ideas myself 2 present 2 him later. I sang the hook, not for it 2 be there permanently, but 2 lay a guideline down of how I wanted it sung by maybe Je’well or Keyshia. I am pretty sure that Tyrone (aka Hurt M Badd) produced the track. Pac couldn’t do a video for the original Run Tha Streetz on All Eyez due 2 record label politics so he was adamant about us doing a 2nd version for my album because he said that the Fans really wanted it.]

The unreleased track was leaked online to the internet by in July 2016. It has been speculated that the record was intended for Storm’s debut album, Neva B, on mentor 2Pac’s new record label, Makaveli Records.

Storm used to see him quietly in the background while all the other homiez put their mack down. She was trying to show him affection but he didn’t even get it because his heart’s so lonely in the game. He can’t understand who’s really real and who’s with him for the fame. She’ll be there for moments when he’s under pressure. She’ll never judge him for his mood swings. Trying to predict the moment brings. He played the game for the money, power, and fame.

Whatcha Gonna Do explained how 2Pac and Storm wanted to escape from the limelight in order to escape from all the problems.

2Pac started out dumb as he sprung out of a hood rat. He was always listening to the radio wishing that he could rap. But nothing changed because he was stuck in the game as everyone in the music industry was fucking him. So he developed a scheme and broke off to do his own thing. Niggas ain’t wanna see 2Pac rise. Watch as he cuts these motherfuckers down to size.

Who’s to blame for my mind frames? This poverty does money game. This has got Storm fiendin’ for riches and wanting to kill for a taste of fame. Reoccurring dreams of illest ears and front page magazines. Storm is livin’ life like a thug queen since she is in the Outlawz. But she is having nightmares instead. They call them Outlawz premonitions of premeditated missions. Her living conditions are suspicious so they have her on a hit list.

[Verse 3: Storm]
Who’s to blame for my mind frames?
This poverty does money game
Got me fiendin’ for riches wantin’ to kill for a taste of fame
Recurrin’ dreams of illest ears, front page magazines
Livin’ life like a thug queen
But instead, I’m having nightmares
They call ’em Outlaw premonitions of premeditated missions
Livin’ conditions suspicious, so they got me on they hit-list
Wishin’ that I was slip like a wet bitch
But it’s the timin’ nigga
And I’ve been waiting for years, I put my grind in nigga
I see you smoking, ’cause I got what you wanna flaunt
My every calculated move is a nail through your coffin
Now what you don’t know is I got 16 point-hollow
Thugged out female war shot-caller
Now what you gonna do?
Where’s yo buster ass crew?
When my niggas come for you
(When we come for ya)

You can really feel her ‘pain’ in the joint called ‘Pain’. It breaks here for a track. Pain was just a beautiful song about a relationship that everyone can relate to.

Pain. How do you stop the pain? Who’d ever thought things would change so fast? There ain’t no turning back the hands of time Living in a future you lost. Open your eyes too late and you’ll behold the dark stuck in the pain with too far to walk. All alone with your own pain! Now all you got is the pain.

Pain was not a tribute song for 2Pac. The song was recorded for a soundtrack album called the Thug Angel soundtrack. QDIII (Quincy Jones III) interviewed Storm separately for the Thug Angel soundtrack while she was in the studio. Basically QDIII merged her interview into the song Pain. He had already shot the documentary and just wanted to incorporate me into the project somehow. So Storm did a quick audio interview about 2Pac.

[Pain was not a tribute song for Pac. It was a song for a soundtrack album. QDIII interviewed me separately for the Thug Angel soundtrack while I was in the studio and he basically merged my interview in2 the song Pain. We had just got back in contact and he had already shot the Documentary so he just wanted 2 incorporate me in2 the project somehow, so I did a quick audio interview about Pac. He loved my tattoo “Thug Angel” which is on the back cover of the CD and named his project Thug Angel. Pain was just a beautiful song about a relationship that I felt everyone could relate 2.]

Storm went hard and fierce as she used a strong punch of reality rap as she puts all bullshit aside on All Bullshit Aside. The song is undoubtedly straight fire. The song All Bullshit Aside was recorded in 1998, but was leaked by Storm to her YouTube channel in 2017.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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