Review: Mateo & Matos – The Final Cut E.P.

The Mateo & Matos – The Final Cut E.P. is some extravagant underground house music from the NYC-based production duo Mateo & Matos. There are some serious jams on this EP of theirs. This is some timeless house right here. Next Level and Feel So Good are the highlights of this Mateo & Matos EP and Mateo & Matos release.

Mateo & Matos did some outstanding work on the synths on Next Level by make them sound futuristic and angelic at the same time with the double echo. The notes and chords are on point. Next Level is one of their serious jams. This is some timeless house right here.

The song Everybody’s is a freaking awesome house song with a dance vibe. The song is also perfect for the lounge. The violins fit in appropriately with those synths. Underground house music can’t get any better than this. However the vocal sample gets annoying quickly.

You definitely feel the groove on Feel So Good due to the way the synths are played on the keyboard and due to the beats as well. Feel So Good samples Deodato – Keep It In The Family. This is one of those timeless tunes and songs.

The song Raw Basics was recorded back when Mateo & Matos was known as Raw Elements. Raw Basics is a deep house instrumental with a nice piano and soft lush but posh beats. However their beats are not as thick given that deep house had hardly progressed passed the underground in 1991. This was also due to the technology that was available at the time.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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