Review: DJ Smash – Jazzy Grooves : New Fruit

DJ Smash – Jazzy Grooves : New Fruit is a collection of new tracks DJ Smash been working on since January 2020. The new decade has inspired him to release more music. Believe me, there’s a lot more to come. Enjoy and eat more fruit. This new EP has that bossanova jazz sound and acid jazz sound which he is renown for. There are many wonderful jazz instrumentals on this EP from 2022.

Pleasures is another uptempo jazz song with a super jazzy piano and rhythmic percussion selection. The upright bass blends in perfectly with the percussion selection. DJ Smash proves to be a virtuoso on the piano. He kills those broad sounds too.

Nod is an uptempo piano laced jazz song with a mournful sound and jazzy vibe. The beats blend in perfectly with that upright bass. The song uses that laid back lounge jazz which is specifically where that smooth sound comes from. Bossanova jazz meets acid jazz on Nod. The song pays ode and tribute to jazz music.

Acai has a Latin guitar rhythm used behind some bass lines you would hear in lounge jazz music. Latin meets jazz on Acai. The song is quite calming and relaxing.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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