Review: François K ‎– The Relix EP

François K ‎– The Relix EP is an experimental deep house EP with the legendary electronic techno sound. This entire EP has superb house music for many to enjoy. A distortion filter is used on many of the songs included on this EP.

Looking at the Stars uses a lot of distortion. The song is similar to an early Daft Punk song only this song uses a space soundscape with more echoes, resonance, and reverb. You can feel that distant vibe and feeling as you listen to Looking at the Stars. This song uses an instrumental soundscape with many synths and filters. François K is a genius when it comes to producing electronic instrumentals. He does no wrong when it comes to production.

Vortex is exactly the same as Looking at the Stars only this song uses an auto-wah filter which is why you hear distorted synths fade left to right and right to left. Vortex is yet another electronic instrumental which uses a techno based soundscape.

Moov was a song from his first house release which was François K. ‎– FK-EP. The song was released in 2021 on that vinyl EP. Now this version of Moov is the extended version of Moov which is 11 minutes long. This version of Moov is called Moov (Long Version). The original version was 7 minutes long. Today Moov is regarded as an old school deep house classic due to the instrumental soundscape. The song uses a thick kick drum, chirpy synths, and low bass.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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