Review: D-Fly – Redrum

D-Fly – Redrum is one of the most overlooked and underrated Chicago rap albums of 1995. It’s Chicago flip style music pioneered and produced by the Drama Ward. It’s Midwest ghetto tech, electronic music, freestyle, and gangsta rap thrown together in one album. Grimey is one word to describe the album.

D-Fly is one of the best lyricists to ever have graced a microphone. Chicago hails D-Fly as “one of the best lyricists ever to grab a mic” and claims “D-Fly is one of the coldest to touch a mic.” by their standards. His rhyme schemes are nasty. The dude has a sick cadence flow. As a matter of fact his cadence is unbelievable. It is very unfortunate that D-Fly is underrated and is so slept on.

Some of the beats are thin and watered down but if you take the time to listen to this album, you will eventually enjoy the beats as they grow onto you. This shit still sounds good today.

Now this album was issued on cassette and CD. The cassette was a red tape. Now the CD format of this album sold more than the cassette format did because CDs were becoming more common by 1995. Everyone on the West Side of Chicago was straight bumping the red tape back in 1995.

Come serves as the intro which takes into D-Fly’s world. He invites us to come inside his mind. The foley sound effects are appropriately chosen to fit into the flip style. Come is one of those intros you will put on repeat constantly. It’s that good!

D-Fly uses a flow and cadence similar to what Twista uses on the song Maintain To Hang. The song has a dark vibe due to the medium bass pounding and vibrating in the background. His lyrics, cadence, and rhymes are what stand out in this song of his. Sick rhymes and cadence.

D-Fly is a Chicago vet who throws up the West Side on the song Throwin Up The West Side. D-Fly is a rapper from the West Side of Chicago. The Wild West Side to be exact.

On The Real uses thin layers of beats and percussion that may seem to basic or watered down but are actually enjoyable if you take the time listen to this song. Give this song a chance before deciding it’s wack. This song is a straight banger regardless of opinion.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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