Review: Mark Almaria ‎– Abstract Beatdown EP

Mark Almaria ‎– Abstract Beatdown EP is a definite must have for any fans of hard house. You have the repetitive synths and vocals as any hard house release would. Now there are a handful of abstract break beats used on these songs. Abstract Beatdown EP is the hard house answer to Daft Punk – Burnin as there are several intense buildup on all the songs.

Fists Of Fury is the hard house answer to Daft Punk – Burnin. You have a warped buildup which starts at 0:45 which is layered with electronic blips and another buildup at 1:15 where the intensity begins. Around the 1:30 mark is where the song starts sounding similar to Daft Punk – Burnin with the vinyl scratches. The intensity continues throughout the entire song as a whole. Abstract break beats are used.

The Alarm begins off with some super heavy thick hard house beats either from a SPC 1200 or a 303 of sorts. The Alarm is a continuation of Fists Of Fury as The Alarm picks up where Fists Of Fury left off. This song is similar to Daft Punk – Burnin and is another hard house answer to Daft Punk – Burnin. An intense buildup of blips and synths begin at the 1:36 mark when the interval changes. An insane buildup begins at 2:10 as that where the song begins sounding like Daft Punk – Burnin.

The David Garcia & Jay Walker Solmatic Remix of The Alarm is a lo-fi remix of The Alarm with a bit more static and slight distortion.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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