Review: Boss Bytch – Boss Of All Bosses

Review: Boss Bytch – Boss Of All Bosses

The album Boss Bytch – Boss Of All Bosses has that dark Memphis crunk trap sound with beats from MDB, DJ Zirk, and Tommy Wright III. MDB and Tommy Wright III produced a bulk of her entire album. The beats used were way ahead of time. Tommy and MDB orchestrated the dark nihilistic sound for her album. That woman could rap her ass off like nobody’s business. Her verses bumped hard as hell. Her, Lady J, Princess Loko, and La Chat are the best female rappers out of Memphis, Tennessee. She is so fucking dope!

However her album was never finished or released because of the home invasion of Tommy’s in-house studio where a lot of recordings and albums were stolen. But some songs might have been completed such as Boss Of All Bosses, Fate, and The Bytch. As confirmed by Trill Hill Tapes, it turns out that the recording of Boss Bytch – Boss Of All Bosses was never finished along with Insane Wayne – Wiggin’ Out, Black Mob Klan – Comin Up, Suave – Shank & Kill, and Candy Lady – 4 Ever Hate Me.

Boss Bytch – Boss Of All Bosses is of the many lost albums from Street Start Records that Street Start Records but never did. Boss Bytch – Boss Of All Bosses was one of the Street Smart Records releases that were stolen when several masters to the Street Smart Records albums/releases got stolen in a home invasion back in 2001. Most of those Street Smart tapes were trashed or stolen when Tommy’s in-house studio was robbed around that time. A lot of shady shit in Memphis has happened over the years when it comes to music.

Her album was advertised in many Street Smart Records releases under the UNDERGROUND TAPES section over the course of 1997-2001.

I rate this album 4/5****!


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