Review: DJ Steaw ‎– Delirium EP

DJ Steaw ‎– Delirium EP is one of the deepest garage house EPs in the history of garage house music. There is no recording in garage house music like this EP. This EP could be easily categorized as easy listening due to the smoothness in production. Underground garage house does’t get any better than this. The production of this DJ Steaw release is adventurous.

Static uses some loud filtered bass over dance beats which some guaranteed smoothness. This is one deep garage house track. You can feel a sense of intensity at the buildup at 2:52.

Deepstep is powered by a kick drum over percussion from a glockenspiel. This song sounds like a song from a video game where you would defeat a final boss due to the intensity from those synths, chords, and beats. This song is so far out that it will take you into another world due to the adventurous production. Hypnotic is one word to describe Deepstep. Deepstep uses Detroit drum patterns.

Time To Go uses some loud dance beats over electronically balanced electro synths. One word to describe Time To Go is hypnotic. It does not get any better than this. The song uses square wave bass in the wavelength form.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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