September 24, 2023

Luke & The Belleville Orchestra – Speakeasy is one of the more lively electro swing albums from 2019 which manages to things vintage while maintaining a modern sound. This album uses some snazzy jazzy electro swing sounds and lovely production. You have your provocative love songs such as Flirtatious and A List of Reasons.

Ouverture served as an opening for the album backed behind an instrumental. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Luke and the Belleville Orchestra!

A List of Reasons is about why Melissa Stott is in love with you.

The first reason why Melissa Stott is in love is because of a continuous stringing. The second reason Melissa Stott is in love is because her whole body is swinging. The third reason Melissa Stott is in love is because her head is still spinning around from the shock of it all! Melissa is babbling to herself. It’s all very queer! And her heart is still beating so everybody can hear!

The fourth reason is because she floats to the ceiling. The five reason is because there’s no shaking this feeling. The six reason is because there is something appealing and so captivating in you. And she knows that she’ll wake up soon. It’s impossible for an angel like you to be her!

The seventh reason Melissa is in love is because she has been in love for a while and has been ready. The eighth reason Melissa is in love is because she is ready if you wanna go steady. The ninth reason Melissa is in love is because you see there are many reasons why she is sweet on you. She can finally rest assured that you love her too. Melissa can tear up her list because finally she knows she has you!

Melissa Stott gives us a list of reasons in her verses.

[Verse 1: Melissa Stott]
One, a continuous stringing
Two, my whole body is swinging
Three, and my head is still spinning around from the shock of it all!
I’m a-babbling to myself
“It’s all very queer!”
And my heart is still beating so everybody can hear!

[Verse 2: Melissa Stott]
Four, as I float to the ceiling
Five, there’s no shaking this feeling
Six, there is something appealing, so captivating in you (Yeah)
And I know that I’ll wake up soon
It’s pie in the sky
It’s impossible for an angel like you to be mine!

[Verse 3: Melissa Stott]
Seven, for a while I’ve been ready
Eight, if you wanna go steady
Nine, when you see there are many reasons why I’m sweet on you
I can finally rest assured
That you love me too
I can tear up my list ‘cause finally I know I have you!

Who let the dames in walk a milla’ with Melissa? It’s because Melissa has got sex appeal and she fees so real. So DJ Farrapo rather just chill with her. They dreamin’ and watchin’ their ceilings. So he hopes that the love that he is giving her is not a waste of him sharing his feelings.

If you need to know the reasons why Melissa is in love with you, she will draw up a list or a table for the next rendezvous!

I Loved You Then is about how love can last forever. This lady loved her man then and still loves her man now.

It was a time where nothing ever happened. She drank too much wine and spent dreary nights alone. Feeling uninspired from awhile his eyes, she was too downcast for love. She couldn’t move on. It was a thing like something from the movies. Not just a fling. A random escapade. Suddenly aware, she could only stare at the face in front of her. She didn’t know what to do.

She loved her man then and she still loves her man now. She always will. And how she adores that he loves her. Anyone who looks can clearly see it’s love!

It was a night of stars aglow with secrets. Her heart flied as the fire burned below. She cannot recall how he altered all the assumptions she had made. She didn’t want her man to go. Anyone who looks can clearly see it was love. It was a thing like something from the movies. Now she really is sure that he loves her.

The Son Who Wasn’t a Boy is about the story of a simple gentleman who wanted a boy. But instead his wife Mary gave birth to a girl. The son he wanted wasn’t a boy.

This is a story of a simple man who never left his hometown. His wife was Mary and she was very eager to bear him a child. But to his surprise and shame, the son he wanted wasn’t a boy. He didn’t want a daughter. He would have preferred a son. Of course that did not happen.

This gentleman did what any father would have done. He ruled his lonesomе daughter with disappointment rife. Hе couldn’t face that she was loathing to be a burden or a wife.

That little girl who was downhearted no sooner started to realize that she was special. Then her father confirmed that she was not worth of getting an education. Her father believed is was pointless for a woman to receive any form of education.He knew quite early she was no girlie but tried to turn a blind eye. He didn’t know that time would show. Despite his disapproval, she bloomed.

That is what these lyrics in Verse 2 mean.

[Verse 2]
That little girl, downhearted
No sooner started
To realize that she was special
Then he confirmed, it’s time you earned
No pointless education
He knew quite early, she was no girlie
But tried to turn a blind eye
He didn’t know that time would show
Despite his disapproval, she bloomed

Up and Down deals with when your lover has had enough of you.

Your demands oppress your lover. They have had enough of your oppressing demands for once. Enough up and down. Your lover is getting to the point where they can’t take it anymore. Why should your lover sit and listen to your drivel? You just snivel and moan. That’s all you do. You are such a bore. That’s for sure. You’re insignificant to your lover. They have moved on to dance to the music.

Then your lover hears the music. Their heart swings along. Their feet dance along to a rhythm which goes “up-down, up-down, up-down”. And the music gets them up to places unknown. Spaces in time and happiness are theirs. The harmony’s magnificent and so is the melody. Music is something that makes your lover happy. But it isn’t you that makes your lover happy.

Flirtatious is about a lady who is flirtatious and a little too audacious.

Do you like her? Do you dig what you see? People say this lady is flirtatious and a little too audacious. I guess that lately she has been showing off. Can’t you see that you’re the reason why she is flirtatious? Things ain’t been the same since when she met you. Maybe if she could get you she would be cool again.

If you like her, hurry up and show her. Don’t keep her always hangin’ on. Make up your mind. People say she is flirtatious. Just a little too outrageous. But you don’t see she is flirting with you. What does she have to do to make you see that it’s you that she wants? She doesn’t care about anyone else!

Don’t be weary if you find her scary. She’ll keep on teasing until you make up your mind. But they all know she is flirting with you. This lady knows she is not a shrinking violet! She is not afraid to make her move because she is smooth and has got a lot of backbone. (And the backbone that she’s shown is kinda cute.)

Melissa has a bunch of issues troubling her. Despite this she remains positive and ignores the blues. She is carefree and remains so. That is what No Blues is about.

Melissa got a debt of seven thousand dollars ($7,000). The tax collectors are going after her. She knows and is completely aware she cannot pay the tax collector. At least not today. What does she work for?

Melissa went to the doctor. The doctor prescribed some pills to Melissa. However she will not take the pills the doctor prescribed to her. Not today. She won’t die from her ills. She can see the sun that shines down on her. Melissa has got no worries and has got no blues. She gets no kicks from grousing. It’s okay because she is not alone. If her luck leaves her, she will get by. But she won’t be blue because she has got a spring within herself. Melissa

Melissa has got a workflow that’s astounding but she is disinclined. She knows that she can’t do it. Not today. Not in this lifetime.

Look through the window. Tell me what you see. If you see rain and grey skies, she willl reply meadows lush and green! Melissa can see the sun that shines down on her.

I Think of You describes how Melissa thinks of her man who has died and is now deceased. The song deals with coping with death.

It’s harder than they say to get on with life when something dies. Melissa gets more confused each day. So she just closes her eyes.

When she listens to the rain coming down she thinks of her man who has died and is now deceased. When the leaves are turning gold-blue to brown she thinks of her man. Every change in the weather brings them together at least within her head. Is he thinking of her too? Or is it over?

The break of day is tinged with rose. The grass is showered with dew. But stars and moon and the cloudless skies in June. This means nothing unless she shares them with her man.

Turn It Off is a gentleman who has a charm which sweeps ladies off their feet. The song has vintage flavor with a masterful blend of 1930s swing and electronic sounds.

This gentleman turns on the charm. His looks are so beguiling. His eyes are blue and true. Not to mention faltering especially when he is smiling. He makes ladies feel very special. He could sell vacations in Hell if ever he wanted to.

One lady tells this blue-eyed gentleman to turn off his charm. She tells him. You don’t need to impress me anymore. I just find your flirting such a bore. Let’s be clear now, here’s the score. It suddenly isn’t you that I’ll be falling for. Turn on the charm. Charisma is your forte. Flick the switch, prepare to bewitch your glamour-belle beautier. But turn it off.

Some Men explains the various ways of how some men complain and gripe.

Some men grumble and some men shout. Some men find ways to let it all out. When they resentful, they fly off the handle. If somebody provokes them, they’re are very brutal. When the wind blows against them, there’s havoc. You know just what I’m talking about. But you’re used to it. You know the score. You must know because you’ve been there before.

If you’re striving to survive, you feel lucky to still be alive. There’s a fleeting ray of hope. You may get up but you doubt you can copе. So is it better to succumb? Because you know thеre’s no winning with some. Life’s more peaceful if there’s no resistance. So you yield to whatever may come. Be forewarned he may put up a fight. So if you’re ready, change your plight. But don’t write yourself off as defeated. You are strong now and you’ll be alright!

Catfish deals with the subject of catfishing and dating online using social media networks. Catfishing is when a person takes information from other people and uses information from other people to create a new identity for themselves. When a person catfishes, they take another individual’s complete identity and pretends that it is their own through deceptive activity. The song is backed by infectious finger snapping and low tone upright bass chords behind a single jazz piano.

Melissa Stott sees this man’s social media profile is short and sweet which is a photograph of him in a black and white color scheme. She saw his face on her computer screen. He seems a cutie and not like a nutcase. He is just her cup of tea.

Her friends say she ought to go slow. But she doesn’t care if they disapprove because this could be for real. She saw his smile on her computer screen. On my computer She saw his smile on her computer screen. It’s such a sweet smile right there on his social media profile.

Melissa hopes that he is not a catfish. Somebody told Melissa that there’s people who do deceptive activities online such as catfishing. They get their kicks from being somebody else. You never know who thеy are until you meet them. If it ever happens. So they will get to know each other well. She can live a dream on her computer where he is just perfect on my computer where he can be whoever Melissa wants.

DJ Farrapo hopes that person is not a catfish that tastes like a bad dish. Is that person pretending to be what they are not by creating identities to be hot? Someone like you touch and feel and reality off the computer screen is HD. The real thing.

A message just came up for Melissa. She clicks on the message right away. Yet she doesn’t want to seem too eager but she thinks about him everyday.

His profile picture is oh-so-cool. It makes him look like a movie star. She wonder if it is him. He seems okay on her computer. A little crazy in a good way. Melissa feels like she has known him for years. He makes her smile when they are texting. Melissa wants him to be real. Not just on her computer or her iPhone. She is never alone when she checking notifications on her phone. Melissa tells him, “Let’s make it real though. Let’s take it off of the screen.”

Melissa wants to make it clear that her orders must be obeyed because she is a bossy boots. That is what The Bossy Boots Song is about. The Bossy Boots Song is the closer for the album. The song uses masterful blend of 1930s swing and modern electronic sounds.

Bossy boots, bossy boots, bossy boots. If you try it on, you won’t get far with Melissa. There’s no point in double dealing as far as I can see. And she’ll tell you the same thing. You met your match when you met Melissa. You thought that Melissa was nice. You got Melissa wrong so I’ll kindly give you a piece of that price!

Shut up and listen. Just do what you’re told because Melissa has gotta be in control. You drive her crazy when you don’t stand by what she says. You’re weak and lazy. Melissa wants to make it clear that her orders must be obeyed. If she is always right, it is not any fault of her. Don’t try to contradict her. It’s just a waste of time and she’ll tell you. Melissa is thе best and she knows it. She doesn’t need any excuse.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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