Review: Kumiho – Nine Tales

Kumiho took the exciting and spontaneous nature of jazz and mixed that into the modern age to fit with a contemporary sound on her Nine Tales album. The element of jazz improvisation is present on her album. She brings a true modern prohibition party! The psychedelic electronic instrumentation is certainly remarkable. Her jazzy vocals are reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald.

A song called The Insane exemplifies how Kumiho deals with insanity through her own coping mechanisms. The ways Kumiho deals with insanity are certainly questionable.

It isn’t right. This feeling of dread like the water of life s running red. In simpler times when walks were nice, Thoughts of kindness ran through our heads. But now Kumiho feels the chaos running through her veins. Now the only thing for Kumiho to do is embrace the insane. That is one of her coping mechanisms for dealing with insanity.

Whiskey Business showed Kumiho’s state of drunkenness after she had too much whiskey to drink at a bar. The psychedelic electronic instrumentation is certainly remarkable. Her jazzy vocals are reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald.

Maybe Kumiho had too much whiskey. But I can guarantee when you’re with Kumiho, you’re gonna have a good time. Subtleties are no good for her. Don’t make a grown woman beg! Why does she feel so good? It don’t mean a thing. Maybe she had too much wine also.

Kumiho proves that Life is full of messy things with the more riches it brings on her defiant aggressive song called The Queen. So it seems there is more to prove.

Forget the rule. Forget the guidelines. Life is full of messy things. There is more to prove. The more riches it brings. How much does a lip-lock run? Open wide. She wants to see what’s inside. Do you have any secrets? Can you be her pride and joy? Can you be her dinner and dessert? Cover her body in gold. Diamonds and rubies so bold. Kumiho can be the queen.

Kumiho was looking and yearning for love on the song Loverman. She wonders where Loverman can be because she is wearing for love and affection.

Kumiho doesn’t know why, but she is feeling so sad. She longs to try something she never had. Kumiho never had any loving or kissing. She wonders where Loverman can be.She wonders, “Loverman, where can you be?”

She has heard the saying that the thrill of romance could be like a heavenly dream. As strange as it seems, she go to bed with the prayer that Loverman will make love to her. The night is cold, and she is all alone. She’d give her soul just to call him her own. There is a moon above her but no one to love her.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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