Review: Club Des Belugas – Swop

Club Des Belugas – Swop is filled with electro swing influenced music where jazz meets electronic music. The production is on point and delivery is sick. The album has jazzy love songs such as Some Like It Hot, Second Sight, and Frankie.

Frankie is about a man named Frankie who fell in love with a woman named Sally but left her for someone else.

Everybody knows where Frankie has been. Do you think I can’t see that? I can even smell him on your clothes. Sally, I don’t know how you got be so lazy. He almost knew her. Well, ain’t that peculiar? It’s becoming very clear there’s something else out there that means something to Sally.

Frankie is his name. He’s go to be the one who’s gonna take the blame. Because if isn’t him, then I don’t know who’s gonna take the rap. Because Sally didn’t show and she’s not coming back. And if isn’t him then, who’s it gonna be? When that fella Frankie’s gone.

Some Like It Hot explains how this woman takes control of a man by seizing his soul. Some like it hot. A deeper love that hits the spot.

This man says he is the king of all lovers. He is known as a big man in the town. But I’ve got news for you. This woman is taking control and seizing his soul. She is taming his nature right down.

This woman is a queen who is a lover and a hexer. The ruler of emperors and kings. She is a woman who won’t play by the rules. She is a lover who never plays it cool.

He think he’s as cool as George Clooney. She tells him to take a look in the mirror to prove so otherwise. She tells him, “Take another look in your mirror. You’re gonna find that you’ve been blind. You don’t have what it takes. Honey, give me a break.” and “Baby, change the temperature. You’re gonna find that it’s better playing it cool.” Some like it hot. A deeper love that hits the spot.

It don’t mean a thing if a song doesn’t have/got that jazz or swing music to dance to. That is the song “It don’t mean a thing” in a nutshell. It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. Makes no difference if that rhythm’s sweet or hot. Give that rhythm everything you’ve got. All you gotta do is sing.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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