Review: Snoop Dogg – Bacc On Death Row

Snoop Dogg came back with a smoking hot new Snoopadelic album to celebrate his return to his former record label, Death Row Records, which he was signed to back in the 1990s. Oh the irony. Anyway, he brought back that classic brehsive Death Row sound along with a mixture of new school rap. Snoop raps in his laid-back demeanor and West Coast charm. You can hear smooth vocoders on songs such as Coming Back and Sandwich Bag. Just 20 tracks worth of West Coast funk. This album reclaimed his spot on top of the charts also.

Still Smokin is smoking smoky hazy opener of the album where Snoop Dogg made his triumphant return to Death Row Records. What better way to make a triumphant return to Death Row Records than to sample the Chronic Intro from the 1992 classic album Dr. Dre – The Chronic? Those classic eerie synths will bring back nostalgic memories.

Snoop Dogg still has game in his fire lyrics. He has not lost his touch. That’s not surprising given how long he’s been in the game.

You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you niggas
My game is cold, I could still mold you niggas
Roll you niggas a fat stick of that chronic

It’s clear to see Snoop Dogg is not here to debate, He just simply wants to vibe and create music. And also smoke 150 marijuana blunts a day. That is what he states with these lyrics.

I think I left a small piеce on my plate
I’ma rework this shit and get a few things straight
Not here to debate, just simply wanna vibe and create
Smoke a little sticky-icky, drop my vocals on tape
And call my lil’ cute bitch who loves smokin’ on vapes

You can tell that Snoop Dogg got business minded with these lyrics. Notice the reference to the business terminology “LLC”. Snoop Dogg is definitely making moves like a CEO. “Harry-O got freed up, unfinished business/We LLC’d up, Los Angeles G’d up”

Coming Back marked the triumphant return of Snoop Dogg signing back to his former label Death Row Records and the umpteenth rebirth of Death Row Records. Snoop Dogg lets everybody know that he is back in this bitch and is ready to do it again. The song featured a feature from the frequent collaborator October London with his smooth voice behind a vocoder. Every player that he knows give a fuck about a ho. Snoop Dogg is back in this bitch ready to do it again.

These lyrics imply that all Snoop Dogg wants to do is smoke marijuana.

I’m back in this bitch ready to do it again
Light that Chronic, where my Gin?
They lettin’ real niggas up out of the pen
Roller skate, now roll again
I hit my sweet spot, streets got back on lead
Beatbox, heat rocks, talk that shit
Plottin’, plan it, bakin’ inhale

Snoop Dogg curbs his enthusiasm on the song Crip Ya Enthusiasm and Makes America Crip Again at the same time. Notice how he referenced the HBO show series Curb Your Enthusiasm and sampled the theme song from the show. So smell the piss and the perfume. Indulge in the marijuana smog. Crip Your Enthusiasm.

The song showcases Snoop’s songwriting skills and abilities. Snoop’s pen game is lethal cyanide mixed with ether because he is spittin’ nothin’ but them hits out as these lyrics state. He’s got that Hall of Fame pen game. Snoop Dogg still has fire lyrics. He has not lost his touch. That’s not surprising given how long he’s been in the game.

‘Cause my pen game is lethal cyanide mixed with ether
Spittin’ nothin’ but them hits out

Mm, pen and paper, money maker, let the beat ride
Let me put you up on this nigga from the east side
This nigga born ready, serve a nigga ether
With the pen or off the heady, this nigga flow is dеadly (Where he at?)
Right hеre, Snoop Dogg, I’m with the G Child
Play something, let me fuck you up just with this freestyle (That’s dope)
For sure, but let’s make a real record with real effort
‘Cause my pen game is lethal cyanide mixed with ether
Spittin’ nothin’ but them hits out

I tell my street life glory in a east side story
I got that Hall of Fame pen game, nigga, ain’t shit changed
Still leave you niggas assed out like Ving Rhames
Ever since I started, I’ve been all about big things

This is another episode of a Doggy Dogg tale. You know Snoop Dogg well just by the smell. You can sense his presence when you see the weed smoke in the air. So Crip your enthusiasm. His flows are deadly.

La-di-da-di. Snoopy’s in the party. Smokin’ that marijuana. The best served. The best kind of marijuana that’s good for everybody. There’s some players in the house. If you see ’em, point ’em out.

Snoop pulled up in that Bentley with his nigga Leon Black. That’s simply two layers of mackin’ on you bitches. Like true players. They came to make the party crackalackin’. Pop that champagne bottle because we are going up full throttle. You know where to find Snoop. You can find Snoop with a cute-faced bitch, big ass, and waist tiny. That is an exotic bitch. We all up in the club livin’ our best life.

Snoop Dogg discusses how he makes money with cryptocurrency since he had invested in the meta verse back in 2021 by investing in NFTs and cryptocurrency on his song House I Built.

How much is his Sandbox worth right now? His Sandbox cryptocurrency is worth $4.8 million dollar. That’s $4,800,000 dollars. This is because he is getting a hundred-million-dollar deals with this cryptocurrency he has been earning. Snoop Dogg is the master of this cryptocurrency game since he took all his classes and learned it by the masses. He surpassed all the masters and now he is the master. Now we talkin’ stocks, bonds, NFTs, and cryptos. We can make this legal paper. There is a need to read between the lines. Snoop Dogg is all about investments. The homie built a new franchise, needed one million dollars. So Snoop Dogg dropped two million dollars.

These lyrics explain how Snoop Dogg invested in the meta verse by investing in NFTs and cryptocurrency.

[Interlude: Snoop Dogg, Nick]
Yo, Nick (Yo)
So, uh, how much is my Sandbox worth right now?
Your sand— your sand token?
Yeah, what’s my— (Just your token?)
Yeah (Uh, four-point— four-point-eight)
What did it start off at?
Three hundred thousand dollars
So it’s at $4.8 million?

We keep blowin’ trees, all these emergencies
A hundred-million-dollar deals with this cryptocurrency
Spitter, hitter, did her, get her, man, I got a lotta moves
Used to spend a lotta bread on a whole lotta jewels
Fools learn fast, so I must be the fastest
Took all my classes, learned it by the masses
Surpassed all the masters, now I’m the master
Last thing out there is my Doggystyle masters
Yeah, I gotta have it like a bad habit
‘Cause Doggystyle, nigga, was a motherfuckin’ classic (Ooh-wee)
Am I lyin’? No, you not
It was hot, so motherfucker, gimme what you got

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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