Review: Young Soldierz – On Death Row

Young Soldierz – On Death Row is a lyrical hardcore gangsta rap album from Inglewood, California based rap quartet Young Soldierz. You have the street-savvy gangsta mackin’ song Straight Gangsta Mack, the maddening Mouth of Madness, and the educational U Can’t Stop Game.

Young Soldierz – On Death Row was the second album recorded by Inglewood, California based rap quartet Young Soldierz that was the follow-up album to their self-titled album. Their second album was supposed to be released on Death Row Records in 1998. However the rap quartet felt their album was not good enough to be released. So they decided to shelve their album. Suge Knight gave them a rare opportunity of having full creative control and ownership rights. Something that was rarely, if hardly ever, given to artists signed to the label. The actually got paid the right amount of money for their work on Death Row also.

The recording process for the album lasted from 1994 to 1998. However a significant majority of this album was recorded during the 1994-1996 period at Can-Am Studios in Tarzana, California and some of the album was recorded at Sunny Side Studios in Los Angeles, California. Songs such as Mouth of Madness and U Can’t Stop Game were recorded on the date of May 4, 1996. Around 16 tracks were recorded for their second album.

The song Fiend To A Pipe deals with the addictions of sexual intercourse, drugs, money, and criminal activity. The song is as street-savvy and as gangsta as Straight Gangsta Mack. That makes sense because Fiend To A Pipe is actually Straight Gangsta Mack.

Fiend To A Pipe was a track recorded for the unreleased Death Row Inside Out Compilation album in 1998. The samples used in this song are Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance and Scarface – The Pimp. However some of the production, instrumentation, and beats overlap those samples.

Straight Gangsta Mack is a street-savvy gangsta mackin song about sexual intercourse and criminal activity. This is one lyrical hardcore gangsta rap song. Big Wy killed this song as he always does on every song he raps on.

Now the version of Straight Gangsta Mack that is on this album is not the same as the version on their self-titled album. The samples and lyrics are entirely different. This remix version uses whiny G-Funk synths that can be heard throughout the entire song. The track was recorded for the unreleased Death Row Inside Out Compilation album under the name “Fiend To A Pipe”.

Now the samples and lyrics are entirely different. This version does not rely on the sample of Minnie Riperton – Memory Lane for the hook and riff. Now this version does use vocals from Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance as the original version of Gangsta Mack did. Redrum 781 does not appear on this version as he did on the original.

Eastside, Westside was the popular buzz single on this album that was used on the Murder Was The Case soundtrack in 1994. The song was the LA anthem of 1994. This is the remix which uses the captivating sample of Brick – Dazz and not the original from their self-titled album from 1994.

Here comes Young Keystone with a 410 Mossberg with a pistol grip pump. Now punk fools are finna get served. Keystone is chillin’ in the cut ready to dump with his road dogs in Watts. They grew up by the gang shit from being around gangsters. It’s time to get paid to live the life of the rich and famous. Some ain’t down with that peace trip.

Lil Stretch is here and he came to check nuts. He’s hittin’ corners in a ‘4 with the ass lifted up while going back to the Eastside, fool. Roll up the window and fire up that endo. He’ll do the same as a wild G. To the Eastside where people are known to jack.

G Pops is back once again. Still twisted off the Cognac. You messed up but you gave it your best. The West Side is the side. He lets us know that the West Side is the best side. If it’s trouble you want, grab your Glock, fool. Young Soldierz are down with the set trip but if you want the funk. The Westside got it poppin’. There’s nothing but smooth sailing going on.

Punks break wild whenever they Big Wy in their sight. As you know he ain’t no joke or no riddle. Watchin’ gangsters stumble bank. It’s all the West Side bustin’ on his 80 Bower.

Lil Stretch came hard with his lyrics on When I Think Of Home. “Who’s gonna explain to my mother that I love her and tell her I’m gone?/Not alone with two others” is one of the hardest bars ever! Lil Stretch ripped it here.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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