Review: K-Solo – K-Solo in the Big School

Review: K-Solo – K-Solo in the Big School

K-Solo came out rough rugged and raw on his gritty New York style album from 1995 called K-Solo in the Big School. He definitely came hard on this album of his. He was getting busy on the mic. K-Solo is underrated and a legend.

K-Solo – K-Solo in the Big School was an album from East Coast rap artist K-Solo that was supposed to be released on Death Row Records in 1995. However the album was never released because the album was not up to Suge’s liking. This left the recording of the album incomplete with not many songs recorded or finished. The album was supposed to be released on the sub-label Death Row East but never happened. This was going to be the first Death Row East release from a solo artist. D-Nice produced some of the songs. K-Solo in the Big School was supposed to be the follow-up album to Time’s Up.

The reason K-Solo didn’t get to release anything is because Death Row and Dr. Dre gave him too much money to record an album. The amount of money he was given was $257,000 dollars. He even got robbed for publishing credits. Powers that be were not going to get along with each other. This created label politics and conflicts of interest. Dr. Dre was not getting along with Interscope which was Death Row’s distributor at the time. The only track that was ever released was a bootleg of Kurupt and him freestyling over Snoop Dogg – Gin and Juice called Gin and Juice Freestyle.

K-Solo verbally painted a picture vividly on Rhaq Rhaq. You can easily tell that he is very skilled in his craft. The roughness on the song really stands out along with those fire beats. This is some uncut raw hip hop/rap.

16 Dead Doggs has some unique production since the song did not use production from the usual Death Row production team. K-Solo sounds similar to Shaquille O’Neal on this song for some reason. He kept things rugged, grimy, and hardcore with his lyrics on this song. Dr. Dre, Sam Sneed, J-Flexx, and Budda produced the song.

K-Solo came hard with that raw gutter hip hop/rap song on the song Dick In Ya Mouth. Sounds like Easy Mo Bee produced this. The beat is vicious.

The Gin and Juice Freestyle featured K-Solo and Kurupt when they were in their prime. They went in on this fire freestyle. This freestyle is quite similar to their From Da East 2 Da West. K-Solo and Kurupt catch wreck. K-Solo raps about how he is the hardest freestyle artist.

Turn around. Who do you see? K-Solo strapped with the mad ass posse. You better run quick because if you don’t, you’ll get kicked. You’ll get stuck to the rap flow. So you’ll never fuck around again with K-Solo, yo. He will never give another person a chance to knock him out the box. Who’s the hardest freestyle artist? Who’s the baddest fucking freestyle rap artist? K-Solo y’all. K-Solo came back and it’s like that, y’all. You can’t fuck around with the sound. He performs a freestyle on the mic just to back MC’s down.

K-Solo is a hardcore rap renegade. His business is as hard as a grenade. If double that was 24 punks got shot in the back, verbal assault means 48 niggas attacked. His rhymes are mad rough and tough. Hold your breath. He’s about to make you suffer. He had hard rhymes on his recorder which means all them bridges come tumbling down.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!


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