Review: Jazzmatix – This is JAZZMATIX

Corney Mims and Domini Quinn SupaStar are Jazzmatix. Corney Mims and Domini Quinn SupaStar embarked on a project which they called Jazzmatix in 1997. They wrote an entire album called “This is JAZZMATIX”. The Jazzmatix – This is JAZZMATIX album is a jazz album Jazzmatix recorded for Death Row Records that was supposed to be released in the year of 1997. However the Jazzmatix never got released.

Here is what happened. Corney Mims and Domini Quinn SupaStar were on the verge of securing a major label record deal when Corney Mims drug addiction caused him to relapse. He was in a cracked out state of mind. This forced Jazzmatix to totally abandoned “everything” including this amazing album. The shame and guilt was overwhelming as it totally derailed the momentum they had amassed.

The Jazzmatix album was 25 years in the making ranging from 1997 to 2022. Jazzmatix now decided to pursue the vision they first set out to accomplish 25 years ago. The crazy dope thing is the recordings still sound just as good and relevant as they did in 1997. Now their album is on all digital platforms.

What U Manifest is a message of positivity reminding us that the energy and spirit in which we project will be reciprocated be it positive or negative. The song is a testament to goodness. This was the first single off the album.

This is Jazzmatix is a beautiful jazz rap song. This is Jazzmatix. Feel the static through your speaker. Jazzmatix takes us to another galaxy with the brehsiveness of Death Row’s production and sound. Feel the spirits. Get with this intellect that direct. The song was recorded in 1997. Brehsive is one word to describe the song.

Can’t Get Enough uses some decent quality production and acoustics. You can definitely feel some saucy vibes coming from this song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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