Review: Tape Five – Bossa for a Coup

Review: Tape Five – Bossa for a Coup

Tape Five – Bossa for a Coup is one laid back lounge jazz album which contains laid back lounge vibes perfect for relaxation. If you like Caro Emerald and Atom Smith, then this album is suited for you. Overall the album has a retro lounge vibe.

One thing that is different about this particular Tape Five album is the romantic French touch as many of the songs on the album have that romantic French touch such as Femme Libertan and La Passifleur. Tape Five always comes in swinging with these beautiful jazz and electro swing masterpieces. This is something entirely different but not too surprising.

Señorita Bonita is the tale of a pretty lady who left her island in the sun 400 years ago.

The story began 400 years ago. A pretty lady left her island in the sun 400 years ago and she came by banana boat. This pretty lady is a shining Juanita from Zanzibar, Tanzania to Manila, Philippines. She is known on each avenida (avenue). She is living no vida loca. (She is not living a crazy life.) She got no time for a fiesta. Maybe sometimes a siesta.

She came from Ipanema, a neighborhood in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She walked the street for money because she has a baby to feed. So you know she knows her way around the streets. Her brother played the marimba.

Taxi to Bombay is about a vacation in Bombay, India (Mumbai, India). Several references to Hindi Indian culture, food, and locations are made throughout the song.

A Cadillac traveling down a dirt track is a taxi heading to Bombay, India (Mumbai, India). This taxi uses tantric satellite technology. The driver is smoking on a blow pipe. You just wanna disappear to the state of Maharashtra, in Bombay, India.

The Marathi-Konkani and Gujarati languages are the languages spoken in mainland Southern India and are commonly spoken in Maharashtra. Bom Bahia is the good bay where the Gujarati language is mainly spoken. That is what the lyrics state about these specific Hindi Indian languages. “Maharashtra mumbai, I just wanna disappear/Hindi konkani marathi, gujarati bom bahia”

There are rich and poor from Bollywood and in Bangra music. People of India either wear a sari or a dhoti. Hindi Indian people eat the deep fried potato dumplings which are vada pav and panapuri. The popular snack food of India is vada pav, panapuri, and popadum.

Beggars and bootleggers will do anything for a dollar for a dynasty. That is what the lyrics, “Boss beggar bootlegger, dollar for a dynasty” mean. Be aware that there are many bootleggers and beggars all across India.

Monsoons flow too soon in India. That is why there are news stories of monsoons flowing through peoples living rooms. These monsoons affect many villages in rural areas. The rugged terrain doesn’t help sway away or alleviate any monsoon weather either. These lyrics show how powerful monsoons realistically are. “Monsoon, too soon, flowing through my living room”

These lyrics explain what the religion of Hinduism is about. “Vishnu brama shiva gotta get the goa fever/Elevating meditating peace and loving pioneer” Hinduism is about meditation and finding peace.

Sports such as soccer (football) and cricket hockey are popular in India. Cricket hockey buy a ticket rice spice paradise. Cricket hockey is an Indian pastime and favorite among Indian citizens since India was formerly a British colony occupied by the United Kingdom.

Femme Libertan is a song about a lady who is a free spirit with a lost heart. She is a free lady. Femme Libertan is one of the songs have that romantic French touch and is sung in the French language.

This gentleman visited the secret place through the dreams flying from the sun with a delicate smile. Like a cocktail of honey and chocolate. A rainbow or a cascade of roses. This is beauty and a simple thing.

A lady asked the gentleman what he was doing here. The gentleman said to the lady, “I said really I’m looking for the scent of the night, my libertan wife” However the gentleman said to more the lady, “I look at you with my Parisian eyes. I see myself coming from Africa. Your black eyes seek nothing. Only what you need. But behind I read an endless story.”

The gentleman looks at her with his Parisian eyes. He has Parisian eyes being that he is from the city of Paris, France. He sees himself coming from Africa after a long trip and vacation. He can tell her black eyes seek nothing. Love is only what she needs. But behind all this he reads an endless story of her being brokenhearted. The gentleman can tell she has a broken heart.

The lady hides herself behind a Jericho Wall of sand, sadness, isolation, pain, and loneliness in a stark atmosphere. A creature of habit. She is a saint and a sinner. She is in her salvation. The lady is a free spirit with a lost heart.

These lyrics explain how the gentleman can tell she has a broken heart, how he can see right through her broken heart, and how he knows that she is a free spirit.

I look at you with my Parisian eyes
I see myself coming from Africa
Your black eyes seek nothing: Only what you need
But behind I read an endless story

A Jericho Wall of sand and loneliness
A stark atmosphere a creature of habit
She is a saint and a sinner
Is her salvation
A free spirit, a lost heart

La Passifleur is a beautiful electro swing song with strong jazzy vibes. La Passifleur is another one of the songs on the album which has that romantic French touch and is sung in the French language. La Passifleur is French for passionflower (passion flower). Think passion fruit but with flowers.

A fine smell of flowering. One day in summer when the weather is warm and calming. Luxury wonderful of blooms in a ray of the sun. The Passionflower gives away tender colors of the senses of a fine smell of flowering while sitting in a ray of the sun. The sight of a passionflower calms one down and reveals to one the abundance of beauty. Truly a definite wonderful luxury of blooms.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!


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