Review: Rell – Medicine

Rell gives us Realistic Experience That’s Lyrically Loved on this album called Rell – Medicine. Now Rell’s not just another pretty face with a silken voice. He also writes his own lyrics. You can expect to hear sultry soul and heavy grooves on this album. He likes to use a medical analogy when discussing the album. Rell said, “Life is sick sometimes and you need medicine. It’s time for a change in music.”

Rell – Medicine is one of the two albums R&B singer Rell (Gerrell Gaddis) recorded in 1997 when he was signed to Elektra Records. Medicine was scheduled to be released in 1998. However this did not happen. This was because the label did not know how to promote R&B artists and the producers had disagreements with Rell himself. This album was supposed to be released on Elektra and Roc-A-Fella Records in 1998, but that never happened due to business politics. It’s a shame this album didn’t come out. Some of the songs from this album such as Love For Free were used on his other albums such as Ghetto and The Remedy.

According to a July 10, 1998 newspaper article from The Central New Jersey Home News, Medicine was scheduled to be released in 1998.

And he’s giving his raps up to Rell, an acronym for a Realistic Experience That’s Lyrically Loved. Rell, whose real name is Gerrell Gaddis, professes to be different than most of today’s explicit “sex-you-up” R&B vocalists. “You can still (have sex) with somebody and respect them,” Rell said, adding “that he frowns upon the labeling and demeaning of women as sex objects. “All of my songs are universal,” Rell said. “They’re for everyone of the planet. They’re not about personal situations, but about life, lovers and friends whatever the case may be.” The 21-year-old grew up in South Carolina, and attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., to study pathology on a scholarship. Unfortunately, a career in medicine didn’t exactly agree.

“They took us into a (pathology) lab it was after eating,” Rell said. “I couldn’t get with that.” Instead, Rell moved to Perth Amboy close to New York City to pursue a career in music. He’s found his new home quite cozy. “Everybody supports each other (in Perth Amboy), and they survive like that,” Rell said. “It’s a community.”

After moving, Rell became involved with the New York City-based production company Top Ten Entertainment. In turn, Top Ten introduced Rell to the Roc-A- Fella Records label, which is co-owned by Jay-Z. Upcoming, Rell has a small part in the Roc-A-Fella home-video release “Streets Is Watching,” which stars Jay-Z, and he hopes to release a full-length album, “Medicine,” in the future. He likes to use a medical analogy when discussing the album. “It’s time for a change in music,” Rell said. “Life is sick sometimes and you need ‘Medicine.’

Somehow Someway was and is one of Rell’s most overlooked songs that is considered to be a masterpiece. Rell uses his breathtaking angelic vocals on this song. You can hear and feel the strength that is present in his vocals.

Somehow, someway, Rell has to have this woman in his life.

Honestly this song should have been chosen to be another one of his buzz singles to promote his debut album. But because the Roc did not know how to market R&B artists properly, the song ended up not being used as a single and was pushed to the side in favor of other songs such as Love For Free, If That’s My Baby, It’s Obvious, and Let Me Show U.

It’s truly a shame this song did not make the final track listing of his debut album because the song fit his breathtaking angelic neo-soul vocals, style, sound, and image. Rocafella dropped the ball with Rell and this song.

Say It Ain’t So is a heartbreaking song about how Rell’s lover became a totally different person. The song Say It Ain’t So is a tale of heartbreak, sadness, and betrayal. Say It Ain’t So was produced by North Carolina producer Mike City.

All of this time Rell thought he was the only one that mattered to her. He was so convinced that they were headed in the right direction. Now it’s as if she were a totally different person. It’s as if she were someone else. She changed like the weather changes. Her kisses are cold as a winter freeze in Alaska.

Rell explains mysterious calls he has been receiving. There’s been so many different numbers. She never knew about the notes he found on the windshield of her car. Is this the kind of thanks he gets for loving her the way he did? Rell loved her faithfully. He tells her to keep her phony smiles. Her heart has been missing for a while. The picture has never been clearer.

Love For Free was the debut single off the Medicine album. The sultry, groove-heavy song features a rap by rap star Jay-Z. Love For Free was used on his other albums such as Ghetto and The Remedy.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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