Review: Petey Pablo – Same Eyez on Me

Some of you that were alive during the 2000s may remembered that Petey Pablo was once signed to Death Row Records and had recorded two albums for the label that were never released. Petey Pablo – Same Eyez on Me was one of the two albums he recorded for the label that was never released but was leaked online to the internet in 2009. The album was first bootlegged by For The People Entertainment, Tha Realist’s label. Since then, the album had been constantly bootlegged.

Petey Pablo – Same Eyez on Me was never released due to bad timing and lack of charting singles. The album was packaged as a crunk rap album instead of a tough lyrical hardcore gangsta rap album. The album is mediocre at best. Petey Pablo – Same Eyez on Me was one of those albums that never made any sense. Clearly Suge was attempting to ride off the past success the label once had due to being a powerhouse thriving with omnipotent talent. Suge was trying to make Petey Pablo the next 2Pac even though clearly he did not possess the same talent as 2Pac had. Most of these songs are laughable. The only goods songs are Push It Away and Everywhere I Go.

Petey raps about how he could never walk in the shoes of the dude 2Pac on Same Eyez On Me because he does not have same talent, lyrical ability, work ethic, prowess, or abilities as 2Pac had. Y’all can’t see him no way no how. From the bottom to the top. He’s here now to shut shit down. He knew what had to be done. He knew what had to it done. Which was writing and recording this song.

Petey raps about how he will pay his bills and pay off his debt on Everywhere I Go. His mother is worried because these houses and car payments have not been payed off yet. But Petey ain’t out here just rapping. He’s about to be an actor. She knows her son is a hustler. Petey’s plans are to put his mother in a fancy condominium and pay off her debts. Petey got the streets wondering with this song of his he recorded on Death Row.

I rate this album 2/5**.

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