Review: Top Dogg – Disturb’n The Peace

Top Dogg – Disturb’n The Peace is one of the two albums Top Dogg recorded for Death Row Records when he was signed to the label. The album was scheduled to be released in 2004. However since people realized Top Dogg was biting off of Snoop Dogg was molded to become a carbon copy of Snoop Dogg, Suge realized this and canceled the album. However this album was released on a local level underground in Compton and Inglewood in 2004 as Top Dogg himself pressed up that album on CD-r. In other words, Disturb’n The Peace was released as an underground album instead. He did the same with his debut album Every Dog Has His Day.

Going Back To Cali was a diss song aimed at P Diddy (Sean Combs) and Bad Boy Records. Top Dogg was dissing P Diddy (Sean Combs) and Bad Boy Records on the song Going Back To Cali. The song was recorded in 1997 just a few months before The Notorious B.I.G. was killed. Top Dogg also disses Dr. Dre in the song.

Top Dogg says, “Fuck Bad Boy. Nigga, this is Death Row. They say they comin’ back to Cali but they ain’t comin’ back to Cali.” Going Back To Cali was one of the hardest tracks on the album next to Cindafella and Trippin. Goin Back To Cali is one of his signature songs which was used on the Gang Related soundtrack.

The song samples Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce. Now of course anyone can sample More Bounce To The Ounce by Zapp. Suge was trying to cash in on the throwback sound with this sample and song. 70s funk over 90s rap.

This is your captain once again. As we make our descent into Los Angeles, we hope you had a pleasant flight. The weather conditions are clear blue skies at 86º F degrees and we’ll be in the terminal in less than 30 seconds. Once again thank you for flying Death Row West.

Top Dogg is feeling good off the drink and the indo (marijuana). When the 9 ball hits your brain, there ain’t nothin’ left on the ground but a mothafuckin’ blood stain. The return of the mothafuckin’ riders. One deuce six Darkside Eastsidaz. Young G is a G with stamina. Ask ya bitch how it felt when Top Dogg was bammin’ her. Top Dogg is in the streets but ridin’ like he’s in jail. Death Row signed Top Dogg 25 with a L. You know the Row got Cali’ on lockdown. O.F.T.B., Y.G.D. And Tha Dogg Pound.

Top Dogg disses Bad Boy Records in Verse 1 on with these lyrics.

Sucker suckin’ on a lollipop lookin’ cute
All the bitch nigga’s missin’ is a pink suit (gay ass niggas)
I’m feelin’ good off the drink & the Indo
Fuck Bad Boy, nigga, this is Death Row

Top Dogg set the record straight about how Death Row was a giant in the music industry in the 1990s in Verse 2. Read these lyrics.

[Verse 2]
Fe fi fo fum (ha ha haaa)
get out the way bitch this where Death Row come
Lettin’ niggas know it’s a giant in the industry
(Tell ’em who you is young nigga) Y.G.D.
Suge Knight put a nigga on payroll
so you know I ain’t gotta sell the fckin’ yayo (that’s right nigga) no more as I’m smokin’ on Indo in a brand new 500 Benzo (that’s right) They say D let’s roll to the studio (yeah) and drop a smash on these mothafckin foolios (f*ck these niggas)
I hear these fools gangsta hatin’ on Makaveli (Pac)
sayin’ Death Row is through oh nigga really?
You must not have heard about the brand new itinerary
(tell ’em about it)
we got a lock from December to January
If you ain’t got yo’ West Coast Death Row pass
(what we gon’ do?)
you better leave town before we get yo’ ass
They say they comin’ back to Cali
but they ain’t comin’ back to Cali

Top Dogg is here to set the record straight about how Death Row is giant in the music industry. Fe fi fo fum. Get out the way, bitch. This where Death Row comes from. Top Dogg is letting you niggas know Death Row is giant in the music industry. Suge Knight put Top Dogg on payroll.

Flossed up looking clean. Top Dogg is smokin’ on indo (marijuana) in a brand new 500 Mercedes Benz. He hears these fools are hating on Makaveli (2Pac) by saying Death Row Records is through. You fools must not have heard about the brand new itinerary. Death Row got a lock from December to January. If you ain’t got your West Coast Death Row pass, you better leave town before they get your ass.

Top Dogg’s nigga Lo said Tha Row needs some gangsta shit. The real shit the bitch niggas don’t fuck with. He’s ready to ride on you muthafuckin’ bustas always rappin’ about yo’ Benz & yo’ clusters
Top Dogg hangs with them crazy niggas straight out of Watts such as Lo-Flip and Bus Stop from O.F.T.B. (OFTB). Top Dogg puts it down every time with every rhyme of his every time. Because the gangsta shit makes a gang of chips. Gangsta rap forever.

That Top Dogg Nigga killed it on That Top Dogg Nigga regardless of him being a Snoop clone. His smooth flow is what made the rap sound so tight. This is dope G-Funk for real.

Bounce was a song that was taken from the album album The Relativez’s – The Takeover which had been released in 2002. Bounce uses beautiful smooth West Coast style production behind some G-Funk from the legendary Steve Vicious AKA VMF (Vicious Man Funk). The production is crazy.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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