Review: Trinidadian Deep ‎– Sweetness You Bring

Trinidadian Deep ‎– Sweetness You Bring is a deep house single that is out of this world. This single was one of Trinidadian Deep’s best releases of 2012. Each song is a relying classic that will surely soothe your mind. Tribal house meets deep house on this Trinidadian Deep single. This single will take you on a music journey and safari through deep house music.

Sweetness You Bring uses Afrocentric based beats from the motherland of Africa thus giving the song a tribal house edge. That is how this song stuck to its African roots. Shakers, beats, and synths are what make this song relaxing and soothing. That is completely factual for any Trinidadian Deep recording. A sustained piano is used. The song still sounds fresh today as it was what it was recorded.

Looping is what also undoubtedly stands out about this song. This is looping in the right context and frame. Any DJ could play this song a nightclub, lounge, or a rave for a crowd on a summer night or a cold night during winter. You can put this song on repeat and not be tired or annoyed. This is good repeat music that is absolutely beautiful. The song is perfect to play at a lounge. The song is perfect to watch the summer sunset go down. That is how the looping is great.

Oruns Jam is driven by African drums and beats over angelic rhythmic synths soothing to one’s ears. The chords are angelic as well. You’ll love how this song grows onto you. This song is deep house music that will put you into a transitional groove. This song is what make the A Side the bomb. Trinidadian Deep is a genius.

Inner Love driven by a Caribbean dancehall piano, cymbals, and chords. More layers of instrumentation are added as the song progresses forward. For example the piano start coming in at the 0:08 mark, the shakers come in at the 0:32 mark, clavs quietly blend in at the 0:53 mark, and the violin chords start playing at the 1:27 mark. This song will put you into a deep house trance.

I rate this single 5/5*****!

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