Review: Sweet-P – Deep In The Game

Sweet-P – Deep In The Game is one of the most lyrical and hardcore rap album from San Antonio, Texas that sadly got under promoted and overlooked. Not too many people outside of San Antonio know about this album. The subject matter on this album deals with topics such as jealousy, hustling, money, drug dealing, emotions, romance, and gangsterism. However that is not too surprising since this a gangsta rap album. Endo and Big Tiny produced his album as they did all of his albums.

This album included classics such as You Can’t Slang Here 2000, Trying To Get Paid, Coming Down, Knee Deep (Slow Jam), and Represent. You have the envious song Jealousy which deals with jealousy and envy. Romantic and emotionally passionate songs such as the slow jam Knee Deep (Slow Jam), the passionate romantic song Kissing & Huggen, and the sultry ballad Coming Down. You also have the more hardcore lyrical songs such as Deep In The Game, War, Watch Out, Prepare, If You Know, Fucked Up and Represent.

Sweet-P put a gangsta rap spin on the Rose Royce classic Love Don’t Live Here Anymore and turned that into You Can’t Slang Here 2000. You Can’t Slang Here is about how Sweet-P will murder outside dealers and hustlers who attempt to control the drug trade on his street. Endo, Big Tiny, and Ricé produced the song. LAMM on Burnet! What ya’ll know about that?

If you’re not from this hood or from this street, you can’t slang here anymore. You can’t sell your dope here anymore. You can’t sell your drugs here anymore. If you’re not from street, you can’t hang here anymore.

These fools try to come into Sweet-P’s hood and short stop (short change) the drug trade in his neighborhood. If they keep on doing that then they will surely get murdered. Sweet-P won’t let that happen. He could understand if these hunters and dealers were paying rent to one of his dope houses. But they haven’t paid him any money.

Sweet-P is that player slanging dope on Burnet Road in Lockwood Park. He controls Burnet Street. He don’t give a damn about these haters. Task Force won’t get away with his cash because he won’t let that happen either.

You could hear many cars driving down Burnet Road with the windows down bumpin this song from 1997 to 2002. Specifically around 1997-2000 to be exact. DJ Rico used to play this on 96.1 FM back in the day.

Sweet-P explains how he is deep in the game as a hustler and drug dealer on Deep In Tha Game. The song features heavyweight, lyricist, and local rapper Pork C. Endo and Big Tiny produced the song Deep In Tha Game sometime in 2000. Sweet-P raps in a rapid fast style like Twista on this song.

Sweet-P is deep in the game. Selling cocaine and running these streets. The laws (police) are on his back because they know he is selling crack. He shows no shame in doing illegal activities or committing crimes.

SAPD (San Antonio Police Department) raided his spot the other day. He had no clue on what to do. So Sweet-P calls up his homeboy. They end up discussing things off the phone though. So he gets front some drug products by his homeboy.

Trying To Get Paid is all about making that money. The song explains and explores how hustlers make their money. Getting money is the main goal. Sweet P was all about getting that money as the title of this song indicates.

Knee Deep (Slow Jam) is a slow jam as the song title indicates obviously. This song is one of the more romantic and passionate love songs off the album. The song uses a slow tempo over lovely lyrics.

Sweet-P represents the East Side of San Antonio to the fullest on the song Represent. He shows East Side pride here. This is one of the more hardcore lyrical songs. He represents the East Side of San Antonio the same way as he did on You Can’t Slang Here 2000. 210 all day every day.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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