Review: Sin Loc – Smell The Smoke, See The Fire

For those who don’t know, Smell The Smoke, See The Fire by Sin Loc was supposed to be released in 1999/2000 on Gotcha Bakk Records and Big Game Records, but due to the decline of gangsta rap in the music industry and distributors not wanting to help this album get released in stores, the album remained unreleased on a national level for 14 years until being released in 2013. Record labels were scared of Sin Loc back in the 1990s. Too bad this wasn’t released in 1999 as Sin Loc had planned.

Now the album was released in 2000 on an independent level by Gotcha Bakk Records and Big Game Records. Sin Loc had to release and distribute the album in limited quantities himself in cities such as Compton, Long Beach, Lynwood, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Torrance, and Bellflower. The album was released on a national level 14 years in 2013.

Production was done by Funkysoulbrotha, Black Jason and Sin Loc. This is perfect G-Funk. Tredding Water, 4 Ya Hat, and Super Rhymes 1999 should have been singles. Super Rhymes 1999 is the best song on this album!! This is an album full of awesome punchlines. Do not miss out on a chance to listen to this album. Also Sin Loc was the G who wore the Freddy Kuger mask in 1993 on Steady Dippin’, Piru Love, and Bangin’ On Wax. Sin Loc was one of the rappers on the Bangin’ On Wax project series. He was on the Crip side for the project.

Sin Loc delve into the roots of old school rap and hip hop on the song Super Rhymes 1999 by relying on and incorporating Jimmy Spicer – Super Rhymes. The song even incorporated lyrics from the beginning and intro.

Rhymes faster than a speeding bullet
Has more rhymes than a train has tracks
Able to leap sucker MCs in a single rhyme
Look at the jam on the mic
“It’s a bird! It’s a plane!”
No—I’m Su-Su-Super Rhymes

It’s the new thing, makes you want to swing
While us MCs rap, doing our thing
It’s not singing, like it used to be
No, it’s rapping to the rhythm of the sure shot beat
It goes one for the money, two for the show
You got my beat, now here I go
You see, this DJ, he gets down
Mixing records while they go round
With the hid-dip, the hop, you just don’t stop
You rock to the beat ‘til it makes you drop

Yes, I’m one of a kind, I’m Super Rhymes
And I’d like to say hello
And since I’m on the mic and I’m ready to rock
This is how it goes
Yes, I rock so good, I rock so well
I ring-ding-dang-a-ding-ding-a-dang, baby
I’ll ring your bell
Yes, I’m Super Rhymes, I’m twenty-two
I want to be a hundred before I’m through
Because no, I didn’t come from the planet Earth
Planet Rhyme-on is my place of birth
From the day I came out my mother’s womb
I found myself in the operating room
Then the doctor spanked me on my behind
I didn’t cry, the kid started to rhyme
My mother said, “Son, that’s the way it should be
Your name is Super Rhymes, you’ll be an MC”
So then my father put me on a meteorite

The bass goes super hard and so do the beats. The song showcases Sin Loc’s lyrical talent. Super Rhymes 1999 is the best song on this album! Super Rhymes 1999 should have been a single.

Sin Loc tells us he’s well and alive reppin’ the CPT on Still Rollen’ with Black Jason. The song showcases Sin Loc’s lyrical talent. The bass goes super hard and so do the beats.

Many fans have said Fo Clips should have been featured on this song. Fo Clips originally supposed to have been featured on this song but was killed just weeks prior. So Sin Loc leave the chorus and hook blank with no vocals.

Cheddar is a biographical song of Sin Loc’s life. It’s all about survival in the dope game even when that shit don’t work. Ain’t nothing funny when you’re broke. Straight up reality here. This is another track laced with G-Funk beats. Black Jason and Lil D (Sin Loc’s son) are featured on this song.

Straight From The Heart is a dedication song to Eazy-E that Sin Loc recorded some time Eazy-E passed away. Sin Loc came hard with the flow on this song because he meant that shit straight from the heart! That’s no joke. Sin Loc here interacts with Eazy-E in a spiritual manner as he has a heart to heart convo with him.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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