Review: House Of 909 – Soul Rebels

‎Soul Rebels is the debut album of House Of 909 which features an entire orchestra of electronic groups. Think electronic orchestra. What stands out about this electronic album is the number of groups featured. At least 3 groups were featured on this album. The spacious synths, loud shakers, and thick beats make a melodic symphony on the album. The sound for this album leans more towards deep house and British garage.

Slotech Soul is a slow tempo based techno song with stellar production from House of 909. This song starts up the album as this is the opening track. Soul meets techno on Slotech Soul.

Last Dance is a perfect deep house song that either put you in a trance or make you want to dance. The ethnic shakers, thick beats, and spacious synths are what makes the song so relaxing and melodic. Shakers, synths, tambourine, and beats what a make a melodic symphony and ensemble in this song. The synths are truly beautiful in such an spacey atmospheric background. Now the shakers have as much of a loud presence as the synths and beats do. You can hear shakers at the beginning of this song which stand out of course. House Of 909 certainly made this song a classic.

The Main Event utilizes some thin crispy beats over dance cymbals. Cymbals practically overlap electric synths in this song in a rhythmic way. The buildup begins at 1:48. The Main Event is a great rave house track with stellar production from House Of 909.

Pussycutz is a stellar deep house song with uncut trance style production from House Of 909. Close your eyes and this song will take you into a trance. “You only have to close your eyes to understand.” House Of 909 blessed us gratefully with this track with their production techniques.

The Future Soul Orchestra song called Life’s Journey has significantly reduced bass and treble. What stands out about this song are the warped auto-wah filters used for effect. The synths are certainly hypnotic and intoxicating. Life’s Journey contains samples of Martin Circus – Disco Circus.

Love Of God is similar to a Larry Heard song due to the synths and grooves. The synths are quite upbeat and soulful with a live sound. It’s a house style electronic song by Future Soul Orchestra.

Movin’ On is a funk driven electronic song from Future Soul Orchestra that is laced with strings, heavy pultruding bass lines, and Latin samba based beats similar to rumba. Think funk meets electronic music with a dance groove The song certainly has a retro sound that many will definitely enjoy. Future Soul Orchestra certainly have blessed us with their production techniques here.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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