Review: J Flexx – Billboard Dreams

J Flexx – Billboard Dreams has that mellow laid back G-Funk and that classic Death Row sound from the 90s era which makes things even better. You can hear some incredible gangsta ass lyrics on this album. This album is a recommended album for those who like G-Funk from this era. J Flexx calls this album, “One of the dopest unreleased albums you ever want to hear.” J Flexx raps about his passion for music on this album.

J Flexx – Billboard Dreams is a collection of unreleased songs recorded by J Flexx between 1994 and 1997, which was when he was signed to Death Row Records. J Flexx had about a little over half of his album completed by 1997. J Flexx – Billboard Dreams was one of the very few albums Death Row Records was supposed to released in 1997. Billboard Dreams was originally intended to be J Flexx’s Death Row debut album.

The ADAT tape from his “Billboard Dreams” and “Stayin’ Alive” recording sessions.

However that album was never released due to label politics and legal turmoil going on at Death Row Records at the time. Suge Knight was serving a prison sentence for a probation violation and could not release or promote the album. J Flexx was beefing with other producers and artists signed to the label over the direction of where his album should go. J Flexx revealed in an interview that he fought with Outlawz in a studio. That’s right. J Flexx and Outlawz got into a fight in a studio.

J Flexx tried shopping this album to record labels to get the album sold in stores but they were scared to touch it due to the whole Death Row drama that was involved.

The album was released by Los Angeles based rock label Long Live Crime Records and For The People Entertainment in 2007. This album was released in limited quantities due to supposed legal reasons.

Here is what J Flexx said about this album in a 2007 interview posted on

Yeah this is album Billboard Dreams. It’s been a long time in the making. Additionally I was supposed to have album come out on Death Row. It was going to be entitled either Billboard Dreams or Staying Alive. You know all the shit that happened over there. Never was able to get it out. Just went underground for a while and built my craft up. This is a classic West Coast album; good lyrics, good music. I just put it out there for everybody to grab it. Not a whole lot of fanfare around it, but it’s a good solid album. You’re going to get your money’s worth so pick it up.

You know what it was. I wanted to give everybody a taste. Let them know I was still out there. Next time I come out it’s going to be a double album. Give them 20 tracks. Those 10 tracks were the most pressing that I had to get out there. I didn’t want to sit on. They show every side of me. I just wanted to shoot 10 out there quick. If I would have kept going it would have to took longer to get the album out there and I was getting anxious. I just shot the 10 out there to see if they would bite. Then come hit them with the one two punch with the double album.

Sexy U Are has that that classic Death Row G-Funk sound over straight-laced R&B rhythms over soulful beats. Sexy sensual R&B meets gangsta rap and Death Row G-Funk.

The song was produced and recorded by J Flexx and Sean “Barney Rubble” Thomas in late 1996 during his “Billboard Dreams” and “Stayin’ Alive” recording sessions. Both of those albums were recorded during the same time of that year. J Flexx was working on his 2 Death Row albums.

Let U Down E-Z is another dope cut from that classic 90’s G-Funk era and is one of the many unreleased gems straight from the Death Row vault. This song was going to be featured on J Flexx’s Death Row debut album called Billboard Dreams.

Sean “Barney” Thomas sings on the track. That is the person who is singing. Sean “Barney” Thomas also co-produced the song also because you can hear his legendary keyboard playing. Sean ‘Barney” Thomas played on keyboards and sequenced the drum programming. Ricky Rouse played on guitar.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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