Review: High Step Society – Champagne Dreams

High Step Society – Champagne Dreams is an album that captures the spirit of the Jazz Age and launching it a century forward to the 21st century in 2021. That is part of their classy jazz movement as a band. This dynamic band is bringing jazz back to the party, where it belongs. The vocalist sings in close harmony. All of their songs are classy jazz songs.

Champagne Dreams is a classy swing jazz song about a classy lady who is drunk because her beau has got her flying high. Somehow she manages to dance along with her beau. The song uses filtered electronically processed production as some of the instrumentation has reductionism and is partially muffled.

A classy lady is drunk because her beau has got her flying high. Her feet don’t even touch the ground any more. She receives tipsy kisses every night. In the day she craves her beau deep inside.

She is dizzy doubled in her dancing shoes from all the champagne bubbles and bright lights. Yet she feels the beat in her shoes. She feels the beat in the sheets where thy lie. Her beau has got her walking lines on a tipsy tightrope on her twinkle toes. Thought police are issuing fines for the things that she sees in her mind. Could it be a dream? The salt and steam make her feel funny. She didn’t plan to fall in love. Won’t he suit her fancy?

His double dark and stormy sultry eyеs are what has gotten her flying high. Tipsy kisses and red wine are what has gotten her flying high too. In the day she craves her beau deep inside. She is dancing soft and steady in her favorite dress. She is blinded the champagne dreams and warm streetlights.

High Step Society went on a midnight creep with their song Moonlight Creep. High Step Society takes the worries out of life and everyday pressures with this song of theirs. The song was a secret to temporary relief.

Tell High Step Society about pleasure when there’s no relief from your pain. Tell me about the bad weather when I’m feeling as warm as the Amazon rain. Give High Step Society your cold and your down hearted because they’ve got a secret to temporary relief.

Swing their way if your woman’s unhappy or if you’re out on the town. Howling at the moon. Now you’re caught up in the moment. A little bit boozy. Your worries are laid to rest. Mind these lips. They’ll make you a promise that the whiskey tastes bettеr at the cabaret. Trust me. They’ll lead the way. So pay attention.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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2 thoughts on “Review: High Step Society – Champagne Dreams”

  1. As a short story writer, I can appreciate the vivid imagery and captivating narrative of High Step Society’s album, Champagne Dreams. The band’s ability to transport listeners to the Jazz Age and infuse it with modern elements is impressive. The sultry vocals and filtered, electronically processed production creates a dream-like atmosphere that perfectly sets the scene for the story of a tipsy lady caught up in a whirlwind romance. I can’t wait to hear more from High Step Society. This album is definitely a 5/5 in my book.

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