Review: David Federmann – WATER’S EDGE

David Federmann – WATER’S EDGE is a beautiful dreary downtempo future jazz album with sounds of broken beat incorporated in the production. Coco Jonza sings the backup vocals as she does on David Federmann other projects.

Ring Road is about getting into a hypnotic trance late at night. David Federmann takes full control of this song by himself for the most part.

Let’s go fast before it’s too late. There’s one hour left. Is it a matter of fate? A swirl of smoke what you smell. A swirl of smoke and the car radio are the sights you see as you drive off into the night.

You take the ring road. There’s no other way to go. You are jumping far into the night. All the city lights mystically reflecting off in the night. You drive down a one way street hypnotic trance. You’re dying with sleep but could you just give it a chance.

Awa Sy explains the specifics of what likes to dream about at night on Dream It.

Awa likes to dream at night because she can be whoever she want to become. She can do what she wishes to do. Her nightmares are cool too.

Her boyfriend hates that situation because when she asks him to go to bed it’s never for that sweet temptation but always for what’s gonna be in her head. What she wishes to do. If only she had known about it.

Awa wishes she could have stayed that magnificent in the morning. She wants keep those green eyes. Let her be as brilliant as in that dream. Let her be that way even if it’s unwise. So Away sets the alarm for one hour later. Then she snoozes it one more time as she can fly a little more. Beautiful counting rhyme. Every night in every corners of the globe.

Aka seeks happiness with these lyrics to the song: “Automatic, happiness seeker/Down through the ages, throughout the world”

She dreams it. The day she walks in town and the night she rule the world.But each time a loved one passed away, she was waiting for the night to meet again. They danced and laughed through a shiny day. Please let her be that way.

133 is feeling the vibe and feeling inspired.

When you dream about heaven, it makes you wanna die. You gotta feel the vibe. But you will play it down. You were the talk of the town because of your inspiring jibes. You’re inspiring jibes because you’re a bit strange. That is what these lyrics mean. “Was the talk of the town/You’re inspiring jibes, cause you’re a bit strange”

You gonna live at night and you gotta make it right. You gotta live in the moment. You’re a flood of light like a water spirit. That’s right. You gotta make it right and reach the sky. That is what the lyrics “And you gotta make it right/you gonna reach the sky” mean. Ask for the 7th destination. But do it on the sly because if your mum sees you smiling, she will keep you by her side. A sense of hope abounds. She ain’t gonna cry on the high seas of loneliness. The curtain drops as the one who reached the shores of a strange new land.

Water’s Edge is about a woman who commits suicide by drowning herself when she knows fully well that she can’t swim. All because she is gripped by a loneliness without her man in her life. Karen Luke sings the backing vocals while David Federmann plays the baby grand piano and drum programming.

A woman went to the water’s edge. All ready to jump in. This woman forgot she couldn’t swim. She saw the water shimmer. She heard the wind howl when she saw her own reflection. Now she just can’t see it.

Her man said it’s the way of the world to somehow co-exist. That eventually life unfurls a path to happiness. So she whisper hid little secret and repeats it under her breath. She’ll save it for him in her heart in case they both forget.

She wishes he could wrap himself around her. She’d be released in his tenderness. Now clearly she is gripped by a loneliness. She went to the water’s edge and saw her life eclipse. Then felt herself slip. She dreamed that she was floating. Just coasting until she grew fins. She wants to catch this tide back home and feel him again.

I rate this EP 4/5****.

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