Review: Selby Hood – SHP 1993 demo

Selby Hood – SHP 1993 demo is the underground album on cassette that was only passed in the Selby neighborhood of Flint, Michigan back in 1993. That album did not leave Flint for obvious reasons. This album was intensely darker than their 1995 album Patience. SHP uses low quality eerie soundscapes with low budget synths, loud creepy eerie whines, and crunched drum patterns. Selby Hood even talked shit about King Hood Cykoz on the album on songs such as Bloody Sunday and Fuck Selby.

Here is the history behind the name SHP. SHP stood for Selby Hood Posse which was the name used for Selby Hood’s underground albums beginning in 1988. The name “Selby Hood Posse” eventually changed to Selby Hood Productions to avoid legal intervention from law enforcement. The name “Selby Hood Productions” would be later used on their 1991 album Get Yo Bootie Licked. Selby Hood Productions was the precursor of Black Sunshine Entertainment.

Bloody Sunday is a diss song aimed at rival gangs and rap groups such as King Hood Cykoz, Raw Deal, and Freaky Live. Bloody Sunday was a diss to the song King Hood Cykoz – Bloody Murda. Gargamel goes around Flint killing members of rival gangs and rap groups in the song.

Gargamel even says, “Blood stainz on my shoestrings” in the song also. This is said during these lyrics, “It’s Bloody Sunday and you niggaz wanna gangbang/Left niggaz dead/Now Bloodstainz on my shoestrings” Bloodstainz on my shoestrings is a reference to the King Hood Cykoz song Bloodstainz on my Shoestrangz.

You can also hear him saying the lyrics, “Niggaz feeling suicidal/Looney tunes cyko/Maybe you can try but say hi to my rifle”. Those lyrics are a diss to the King Hood rap group King Hood Cykoz. Ironically that is the same neighborhood where The Dayton Family is from. Oh the irony.

Anyway, Selby Hood had a lot of neighborhood rivalries in the city of Flint at that time. Selby Hood were rivals with King Hood during the 90s as well as the 80s. King Hood is GD territory (Gangsta Disciples aka GDs). Selby Hood is Vice Lord territory (VLs). GD’s and Bloods (VLs) often beef due to being from different sides of the rag. Both neighborhoods were rivals with each other as they caught up in the gang politics. That is why Selby Hood and King Hood have beefing for a lot of years.

Now this song was written in 1993 which was during one of Flint’s most violent years. This was back when Flint, Michigan was the murder capital and drive-by capital of the United States behind New Orleans, Louisiana and Gary, Indiana. Flint was the murder capital of Michigan during this time along with Detroit, Saginaw, and Pontiac.

Bloody Sunday is one of the darker morbid songs on the album. Bloody Sunday uses low quality eerie soundscapes with low budget synths, loud creepy eerie whines, resonating bells, and crunched drum patterns similar to music from Mr. Maceo, Tommy Wright III, Riverside Click, Darkside Click, Variety of Sinz, Steve Pitts, Gee Pierce, and The Dayton Family.

Gargamel gets that money. So don’t you panic. You can bump that iron but if you waste it your ass is dying. Gargamel breaks into some nigga’s house somewhere on Dayton Street. For whatever reason, they gotta die. He grabs his gat and peels their caps back.

Gargamel is a killa from Caniff Street. I thought you knew? He left 6 cops in bloody blue. Snitches gotta die. He’s selling dope to niggaz that gang bang. You better check it before you wake up dead. He is pumping booties with a Ruger and an AR-5. His uzi shoots straight fire. Don’t you panic if you drop that iron. You better run because yo ass is dying.

The next thing that happened was Gargamel and his bitch creeped up Trumbull Drive. He lets his bitch drive. This is in case he needs to make a clean getaway. He told her to not pull no fuck shit. She took a right onto West Stewart Avenue past Trumbull Drive. She drove up Fleming Road to hit Fleming Park next. From there they reach Clio Road. Gargamel and his bitch hit the strip on Clio Road on a Saturday night. Soon enough, you’ll get your shit split. You can try though. Say hi to Gargamel’s rifle. So niggaz attempt to try Gargamel but they end up dying.

Members from Selby Hood killed everybody on Sunday at a house on Fleming Street in Selby Hood and in King Hood through the usage of weapons such as AK 47’s and Tech 9’s. They shot up the whole block. Blood was everywhere.

These cops got Gargamel mad as he is shooting everywhere. He leaves them cops dead by turning blue into bloody red. Those police officers in blue be ganking drug dealers and drug users too. (Again this is Flint where this sort of behavior is tolerated.) Then he goes back to macking hoes on the strip on Clio Road. He’s letting them bullets rip.

Bloody Sunday displayed and showcased Gargamel at his best as he was saying the most versatile quotable shit throughout the song. This is some of the most quotable dialogue he said during the song.

Don’t you panic if you drop that iron
You better run because yo ass is dying

It’s getting hectic
You better check it

Niggaz feeling suicidal
Looney tunes cyko
Maybe you can try
Say hi to my rifle

Some try to try me
But they all die, G
Fucking with the almighty Selby Hood family

I’m leaving them dead
Turning them blues into bloody red

It’s Bloody Sunday and you niggaz wanna gangbang
Left niggaz dead
Now bloodstainz on my shoestrings

Fuck you sons of bitches
Say hi to my rifle
Killa from Caniff Lane
I told that bitch don’t try no fuck shit
Quick to get your shit split
Looney tunes psycho

Back On My Feet uses samples from a Scarface movie over Afro-centric beats that are rhythmic and funky. Beats, bass, samples, and percussion are what stand out on this Selby Hood song. The song is about getting back up on your feet regardless of what situation happened to you before. The song describes what goes on in the criminal infested streets of Selby Hood.

The beginning uses a sample from a Scarface movie. Scarface puts an end to all drug transactions by prohibiting them without him being involved. He wants in on all the action.

Gargamel grabs all the dope and money after a drug transaction after shooting. He just ate but is still kind of hungry. He keeps his gun loaded incase someone were to run up on him. He’s not dying if he can help that. Gargamel tells us he has to get back on his feet. He has to keep his feet on solid ground.

Cutt grabs his gat and starts blowing peoples heads off. He needs to get back on his feet so he does a jack. You know Cutt don’t give a fuck. Now it’s time to look for Cheese. Cheese is selling weed. Selby Hood kicked a lot of ass in the past.

Selby Hood was hated as much as King Hood Cykoz were. The only people that really liked Selby Hood was Freaky Live and The Dayton Family. Why else would Selby Hood record a song called “Fuck Selby”? The song was a diss song aimed at those people in Flint who made derogatory remarks about the group Selby Hood and said, “Fuck Selby”.

Brothers Gargamel and Cutt both rap on the track. The samples used in Fuck Selby are Dr. Dre – Dre Day and Camel – Spirit of the Water.

Let Gargamel be who he wants to be. You flow on with that fuck shit. Gargamel lets us know who’s running shit. Gargamel and Cutt have been running shit in Selby Hood since 1985. It took them so long. And now it’s on. They can’t stop spitting that funky shit.

Damn it seems funny how homies act. They used to be down but now Gargamel wants to peel their caps back. They got him tripping from this bullshit by acting all tough when they are real not all that tough. Forget them niggaz. Let Gargamel take you to another level. A true Selby Dog.

Curt (Cutt) says do what you gotta do. He’s got the caps for his gun. And he is still a fucking mack. He makes tracks like whacks on a Cadillac. Cutt produced many of Selby Hood’s songs during the 1980s and 1990s. He was one of their earlier producers. But there ain’t no trouble on his no more. That’s he says, “Fuck it” and goes with the flow.

If you listen to the lyrics on Fuck Selby, you’ll hear subliminal shots and disses at King Hood Cykoz. Cutt says, “badda boom badda bing” just like Marc Steele did on the King Hood Cykoz song called Drive Bye. “I just say “Fuck it” and go with the flow/badda boom badda bing/And it’s on”

I rate this album 5/5*!!

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