Review: ADMX-71 – Melted Fuel

ADMX-71 – Melted Fuel was one of the darkest futuristic techno singles of 2009 that somehow got overlooked and flew under the radar. ADMX-71 – Melted Fuel is another single which came from Berlin based techno/industrial record label owner Adam X. This single uses such intensity with hard hitting electric synths and flanger filters over an industrial techno soundscape. That is evidenced on songs such as Dire Situation and Nuclear Hysterics. Now this is not the more ambient side of Adam X.

ADMX-71 – Melted Fuel was released as a 12” inch vinyl single in 2009. ADMX-71 – Melted Fuel was released as a digital download in MP3 and FLAC format on his Bandcamp page. High quality streaming is available as well.

Nuclear Hysterics uses such intensity with hard hitting electric synths, flanger filters, distortion waves, and vocal samples over an industrial soundscape. The cymbals kit seem to be distorted. However that is not surprising sine this is an industrial Adam X song. This song is quite gritty, dark, and industrial.

Now the song is extremely dense at the beginning as a few synths and chords are played. The buildup starts at 1:24. That is when more hard hitting electric synths, flanger filters, and vocal samples start to kick in. The other buildup begins at the 3:10 mark where more beats and distorted synths kick in over obese pounding chords. Those loud obese pounding chords give away a vibe of intensity for this song. 5:06 is where things start to get sick as that is where computerized blips and more vocal samples get more intensifying.

Dire Situation uses dark pultruding chords over live beats. Here the beats seem to have been taken from a live recording rather than the usual techno beats normally used. The beats you hear are played at roughly 113 bpm. These layers of instruments used fit in perfectly with his industrial soundscape. You can feel the modern day intensity unfolding on Dire Situation with those futuristic chords and obese beats.

Neutron Absorber uses a dark sci-fi yet industrial soundscape over whirlwind keyboards synths which the treble has been significantly reduced on. As a matter of fact, the treble on this song has been reduced to a fairly low level. The electronic chords give this song a futuristic and funky vibe. Yet this song does not use a groove.

Now the song is extremely dense The buildups start at the 1:50 where what seems to be distorted animals noises increase. The 2:58 mark is another buildup begins as more muffled synths and high-pitched wailing electronic chords start kicking in.

I rate this single 5/5*****!

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