Review: Trina Broussard ‎– Pages From Inside My Love

Trina Broussard ‎– Pages From Inside My Love is a single which was packaged as an album sampler to promote her 1998 album Inside My Love on So So Def/Columbia. The single was issued in CD single format. Included on this single were 3 songs which were Remember Me, Losing My Mind, and Inside My Love. Trina Broussard produced all 3 songs herself. Jamey Jaz co-produced the song Losing My Mind. What is notable about this singe is the vocal range of Trina Broussard of when she sings.

Now the title of the single itself could have been used on another album such as a follow-up album to Inside My Love or a B-sides album. The title Pages From Inside My Love would have been an appropriate title for a B-sides album.

Trina Broussard produced the Remember Me in 1997 all by herself. She wrote the song during the same year as well. The song itself has an uptempo vibe. Trey Lorenz sings the background vocals. The song has a lovely touch of soul used and sung.

Remember Me is about memories of a past lover. Trina shares memories of a previous relationship through out the song. She wonder if her lover still remembers her. Never did she think she would be standing there all alone. She never thought she would be all alone. Trina wonders where all the good times went. Where did all the good times go?

Trina Broussard’s Inside My Love is a cover song of Minnie Riperton – Inside My Love. The song was originally performed by Minnie Riperton. This is the song that begun her career in singing. Her song was also included on the Love Jones film.

The song begins with two people who are meeting with each other. They are barely touching each other.
The two people are strangers who lack knowing or feeling love. Both of them question whether or no they should take their love further to the next level. Both of them question if they should take their relationship further to the next level.

Trina Broussard wrote Losing My Mind while Jamey Jaz co-produced the song. This song was successful enough to have single which garnered a minor buzz in the music scene back in 1998. The song from this single was used also featured on her Motown album called The Same Girl in 2004.

Trina has lost the right to say her man is fine. She lost the right to love him. She is slowly loosing her mind. Trina was young and just a fool back then. Both of them couldn’t hear the lovers call. Now Trina is all alone and here waiting. She has no one to call her own.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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