Review: Lil Raskull – Because It Was Written

Because It Was Written was exclusively released by Golgotha Missionaries and Wine-O Records from Houston, Texas in 1998 as an attempt by Lil Raskull to break out on an independent record label as a gospel minister. Because It Was Written has a much darker mood than Lil Raskull’s other albums for some reason.

The musical atmosphere on the album is very dark and brooding itself. The Because It Was Written album did not receive much acclaim with newspapers, media reporters, music critics, pastors, ministers, or fans at that. The album itself went under the music radar. The dark mood of this Lil Raskull album will vibe down your spine. Imagine a bright sunny day suddenly turning into a rather dark gloomy rainy day. That’s the type of vibe the album Because It Was Written has.

Lil Raskull proved that rap music will never be the same when he dropped this album. Or in this case gospel music. Gospel music meets streetwise gangsta rap on the Because It Was Written album thus turning the album into educational gospel music.

In 1997, Lil Raskull was inspired by God to title this album ‘Because It Was Written’. Experience to be written down in scriptures. The word of God is written in this album. The title of this album was inspired by God. He’s explain the word of God wants it to be written. Lil Raskull never really had the chance to record and release an album the way he wanted to. Record companies have a tendency to take creativity away from the artists. Creative differences with Grapetree is the reason why Because It Was Written was released on an independent label.

The track Temptation hymn sets an example as to how dark the albums mood really is. The low key notes on the 2000s era sounding MIDI keyboard played will send a dark chilling vibe down your spine. Imagine a bright sunny day suddenly turning into a rather dark gloomy rainy day. That’s the type of vibe the hymn sets.

When temptation comes to Lil Raskull, he just passes it by. Lil Raskull explains it’s better be obedient that rebellious. Come not to the darkness but the bright marvelous light. Lil Raskull stays true to Jesus.

When I Was A Child takes us into the destructive childhood of Delbert Harris aka Lil Raskull. Lil Raskull raps about his path of destruction he went down during his childhood. Lurid uncouth tales of the ghetto life are told on this autobiographical track.

Everything seems so pure during childhood. That’s not true however. In 1989, Lil Raskull was knee deep into a life of crime. He explains during that time he was raising hell. Lil Raskull explains to us how gangsta rap music taught his peers to rebel. School was not a top priority for Lil Raskull back then.

Lil Raskull gets educational on the track Speaking It Real. People buy lies and are deceived by what we hear and what we see. Lies spouted from television and the radio indoctrinate the people. We’re getting lied to! Realize that! You have that one person telling you to live this way or another certain way. Or what brings success to that lifestyle you desire. Lil Raskull was one of those people who were swindled by these lies. The truth starts by knowing Jesus Christ is Lord as Lil Raskull puts it. Denial is a failure to accept responsibility. We need to be responsible for what we say.

The heavy pounding bass notes and church pipe organ give off an eerie vibe for Speaking It Real. The track gets scarier in the middle section. It gets gloomy real quickly after 2 minutes into the track.

“If you come to know Jesus Christ, you can easily find him.” That is the religious message and main point for the track Related Experiences. Finding Christ is a good experience. Related Experiences is a religious educational track. Ideal for preachers and youth leaders.

Still Walking Blind revisits Walking Blind. Still Walking Blind deals with the struggles of good and evil. This track is quite similar to Two Sides To A Coin from the album Glory 2 Glory.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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